Hello new shoes...meet the trail... :D

Hello new shoes...meet the trail... :D

...finally, I've treated myself to that new pair I promised myself I'd get once I'd graduated.

I've been discussing the matter of which shoes with my legs (at length)...we couldn't decide how much we wanted/needed roads in our life and finally took the plunge with a very jazzy, so called, road to trail pair. (Saucony Peregrines....they've got orange laces...look!!)

We couldn't wait to get out in the woods with them this morning - it was a bloomin' chilly 2 degrees & foggy, but we (my legs & me) had a great start to the day. Took a gentle 26 minute run/walk (at 2:1 for interested peeps)...I concentrated on slowing things down, as I've been competing with myself way too much this last week. Had a route in mind & just trotted off ...don't know exactly how far I ran coz I guess weather conditions were just tooo difficult for runkeeper to keep track - it was probably good for me not to know, for a change!!

Back to the shoes...we love them...They're certainly more grippy and supportive than our starter road shoes & we're very happy with our choice. BTW...Did you notice the orange laces...?? :D

Wishing you all great weekend runs! :-)

Ps...they're beautifully muddy now, but the laces are still orange :D


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12 Replies

  • Great shoes... are those orange laces??? :-) Glad your 2:1 went OK... I think that sometimes you just have to go out and enjoy the run and not try to push for new PB's every time.... its also nice to feel fairly human for the rest of the day after your run!!

  • I agree Andy...had a very human feeling weekend! :D

  • Fantastic well done. Love the shoes if only they had orange laces. Great start yo the day

  • Oh aren't they beautiful. You will be needing shades until they are properly grubby though else you might be dazzled by the, did you say orange, lace/magenta toe combo :D

  • very nice shoes Tiki :) and are those orange laces too :D coool

  • Thanks Rob! Loving the orange laces and even the bright pink...I don't usually wear very bright colours - look what this bloomin' running has done to me...my 2nd most expensive pair of shoes, ever, vivid colours and I go outside in them...then run through mud! don't get me started on the running tights, eh!? ;-)

  • haha :) will be out in mine tomorrow night ;)

  • Gorgeous shoes and have been looking for something similar, are they waterproof? Glad you enjoyed your non timed run, I never got into the technical side so don't even know what 2:1 means!!ni just know how much I love getting out there and running especial while on a forced break due to work......role on 8th December!

  • Not waterproof, Nelly. I'm told that the water they take on will easily escape through the sides! There are gortex running shoes available, but I've been told that, although waterproof, they will retain water that goes over the top over the shoe and may not be as breathable.

    The 2:1 is the Jeff Galloway run/walk method - 2 minutes running interval, with 1 minute recovery walking interval, a method I've started using to help me make progrees, get stronger and fitter, without risking further injury! So far so good!

  • Thanks for the info tiki and I looked your shoes up online and I love them.....luckily Christmas is around the corner...! Must look up that 2:1 method as it might be a good way back for me. Enjoy your runs in the woods.

  • Well, being a bit of a skinflint, I went in for a pair of brooks shoes from the sale (they were very pink and jazzy too). Unfortunately, I couldn't convince them to fit, so had to up my budget (boo)! My last pair were cheapy road shoes that I think have contributed to my strains and aches...was time I treated my body with a bit of TLC...I'm sure they will be worth every penny in the long run (haha...long run..)...I really have got this running into my weekly routine now! :D

  • Aren't they beautiful. this must make you bounce ahead, miles ahead. How wonderful! I'm so happy for you, muddy boots and orange laces! Fantastic!

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