There's a light at the end of the tunnel....and it's not a train!!!:D

I have never been a "runner" but, have secretly always wanted to be one. If nothing else but the convieneince of it! Throw on your shoes and go! I am on my second attempt in three years at C25k and I'm at W8R1 today and I had a HUGE break through for me!!! I have been doing my runs on our treadmill but I walk at a fixed 4m/HR and run at a fixed 6m/HR... Which was fine up until the past week... I was thinking I could never become a runner and I was never going to "get"this!! Whenever I felt I just couldn't anymore I would hop on the sides for :30 secs and then continue... Then it occurred to me today... How can I expect myself to run at a steady 6m/HR jog for the entire 28mins!!? Instead what if I slow my pace to 5.8 or 5.6m/HR!!? Instead of shocking my body as well with a complete stop then hopping back on at a 6m/HR pace after :30 secs!!?

I really wish I had known this beforehand!! I was so discouraged! After my run today I felt on top of the world as if I CAN do this!:D


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  • Yes, 6 miles per hour is very fast for a new runner. Glad that you realised that the key to this programme is a slow and steady pace. We're building stamina by learning how to run for 30 minutes without breaks. Speed and distance comes later.

  • "Well, you have learned young Padawan"...or so says Yoda!

  • Learned well have you young Padawan - surely?


  • Yep...but, artistic licence...:)

  • Love Yoda!!:)

  • lol floss old humorous she is πŸ˜‰

  • Strange I am...:)

  • truth perceived you have ...mmmmmm 😊

  • Wow, 6m/hr! That makes me seem incredibly slow, my run is not much more than my walk! Lol

    I have no advice to offer as I'm only on week 3, but it would be good to hear what pace others run at.

    I'm also very much like you, always wanted to be a runner, never thought ( still don't) that I can run. But a friend recently said to me:What do you think running is ? I said: well the people you see running (pounding) the treadmill.

    She said: anything is running, anything that is more than a walk (that time I started my slow run) is running , you are running!

    Good luck with your running, sounds like you've had a breakthrough x

  • Brilliant.. well done indeed.

  • That is the best way to learn.....πŸ˜€

  • I'm a treadmill runner too and looked up what speed was considered a brisk walk, it was 3.5mph and 5mph was the lowest considered to be jogging speed. I speeded up just a little for the start on w9r2 and did the 5k in the 40mts. Slow it down and you'll get there, you're almost at the finish line now. Look forward to seeing your w9r3 post with graduation badge :) By the way I too started off at 4mph and 6mph no wonder we got knackered when the times got longer lol ;)

  • Thank you for the encouragement and being able to relate!:)

  • I don't care how fast I'm running and neither should you . The point is we are running and how good is that !!

  • I didn't care how fast I just didn't know what to start on as I was a Virginia, my hubby told me he was doing 4&6 so I did. I'm just grateful I figured this out so I don't kill myself trying to keep up to that now!

  • I think the definition of running is both feet come off the ground at once between steps - which is why you can't walk on the spot. It's not about speed at all. I've done all my running outdoors, and only started to notice speed when I got a GPS watch. When I look at the run report on the computer, it always interests me how much my pace varies almost from minute to minute, although when I'm out there, I'd swear I was moving at a steady pace. I don't think the treadmill can allow for that, which may be why it made me feel sea-sick the only time I tried. :)

  • Bottom line - treadmills are a pain in the arse and a mess with your head and only to be considered by someone who has no other safe option.

  • I disagree with you. We got this before Christmas a couple of years ago when it was snow covered outside and there was no way I was running outside! The treadmill was a good start for me (which was what I desperately needed!) and has brought from dreading the jump from walk a min run a min. To running 28 mins straight and being excited!! My 11 yr old son and I are running our first 5k for CHEO in Ottawa in June!! Never thought at 41 I would be running in an event!

    So my bottom line is whatever gets people active and off the couch is great

  • Oh absolutely, if they are simply not going to do it otherwise. (And I did say if there's no other option and friends and relatives in Canada would confirm that in many places winters can be too challenging for just anyone to exercise outdoors)

    But if you read the forum for long enough, you do rather get the impression that they cause people a lot more difficulties and a lot less pure joy... as your original post demonstrates. But it is great that you've cracked it and great that you'll be getting outdoors.

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