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Light at the end of the tunnel


Completed the first run of week 8 yesterday and can't quite believe I'm nearly there. For someone that's overweight and never contemplated running before, I am really starting to feel like I could be a runner. Thanks to the encouragement of a friend at work who has started a running club and the c25k podcasts I know this is going to be a part of my life for a long time :).

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Right behind you - (well not literally) just doing the last run of week 7. like the idea of the works running club.

keep it going :-)

Geri18Graduate in reply to alcopop

Thanks for your comments, it's been really good at staying focused albeit once a week, then I do the other two runs on my own. Keep up the good work :)


Well, that's just fantastic! You are so near to graduating! The running club sounds great, and something you can use long term for keeping up the motivation. Look forward to seeing your green badge!

Geri18Graduate in reply to petal51

Thanks for your message, I can't believe I'm so close to finishing. My next goal will be getting to the 5k, as although I can keep running the time, I'm a bit slow at the moment, so lots more to aim at. To help me on the way, had a gait analysis today and treated myself to some proper trainers :)


It's nice to see you on the blogs, rather than hiding in the shadows. You are an absolute star and doing fantastically. Nice trainers you got there. :-)

PS I work with Geri and she's doing fab.


Wouldn't let me reply to your message, some technical error. I've got the new trainers on now and raring to test them out in the morning. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. :)

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