Week 2, Run 3 - the lovely snack van

Well that's week 2 done. Achievement unlocked! Legs fine, shins fine even my dodgy ankle is, well, fine.

I'm definitely going to have to alter my route a little though. Even in these early stages I'm having to turn around twice on my not-so-private road and double back before I get to the end of Laura's instructions. 

There's no other option, I'm going to have to go... beyond the road!

Looking at the map again. If I walk the full length of the access road - over the cattle grid I currently loop back at and up the steep bit - and start activities at the corner of the big reservoir by the lovely snack van, then it's a cool 5K all the way round and, with the cheat of a downhill finish, back to the road.

That's the ultimate goal then, a one none-stop lap!

It seems absolutely unthinkable. I walked around the reservoir once with a fried egg bap and a can of Tizer and it took all afternoon.

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  • Hee hee  your post made me laugh Steve... beyond the road...no!😄

    Love that you are enjoying your running adventures....

    Just nipping out to put a padlock on that snack van...

    Good luck with week 3.

  • "I walked around the reservoir once with a fried egg bap and a can of Tizer " 

    Most people take a dog...... -)

  • haha. dragging my fried egg butty on a lead. come on boy.

  • Tizer! I had forgotten about Tizer..

    Go you.. to boldly go where no stevecramp has gone before:)

    Sounds wonderful.. which reservoir?

  • haha great post! Look forward to your 'I ran all the way round the reservoir' post !

  • You made me laugh out loud. The image of fried egg butty and can of Tizer tickled me. I admire those of you running outside as I am a strictly indoor runner for now. Once graduated I intend to park run but for now no one else is allowed to see. Well done for going beyond the gate and who knows where you'll end up next x

  • I'm strictly an indoors person but loving 'the outside' I saw some kind of cuckoo* the other day, stopped mid plod to take it in.

    *could've been a pigeon

  • Haha! Funny. I could demolish a fried egg bap now......... 

  • Same here. drool. Time for tea I think

  • Huzzah ! Well done Steve ! :-) 

    Fried egg sarnies in a lovely fresh breadcake - Top notch ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug. I'm actually looking forward to Monday and week 3! It's all going so well

  • So are we Steve, so are we ...... :-D xxx

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