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Grrrrrr totally fudged my start of week 4 ... Disappointed with myself

Drat, damn and blast ... Have been determined to conquer this THING! Now, today, I've experienced my first set back. Went out to do W4R1 ... I managed the warm up, and both first runs ... First time ever (and I mean ever - we didn't do cross-country at south London schools 50 years ago) I have run for 5 minutes without stopping! But after the in-between walk I just couldn't get my legs to pick up speed again. They were leaden and my feet weighed a ton. Dear Laura had told me I was going OK; my ears heard but my legs and lungs didn't :-( I walked back home, deflated, no stitch or any of the other ailments Laura mentions ... Just heavy legs which barely raised off the ground to enable my walk home. Felt as if i'd trip over a white line in the road... had there been one!

My knees are not sore, as such, they just feel incapable of bending or raising my feet ... more kind of dull and defeated ... they're possibly slightly puffy too :(

On my 'rest day' yesterday I walked six or so miles with pal who's training for a walking marathon - I didn't push myself at all and the walking was all on the level of a canal path ... and on the days I work I am quite used to walking 8 or so miles anyway. It was no hassle and no pain. I SO want to get stuck into week 4 on Monday

Does anyone have any advice about what to do next? I shall rest up for the rest of today and tomorrow too.

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I feel your disappointment m'dear. Heavy legs and heavy heart.

Week 4 is my nemesis.

However, it shall be conquered!! By us both :-)

Do you think in the in between walk you slowed down too much? Do you need to take a drink with you to slurp? I'm no expert but I'm up for trying anything to get through this.

Don't be disheartened -you know your legs work and can go the distance, they just need practice at this running malarkey

Best of Luck. Keep running! :-)



Awwww, cheers and thanks Ali. ;)

I do intend to keep running and to get fitter ... My body just needs to cooperate with my brain!

I didn't change (from my normal brisk) pace and I don't think I needed hydrating, I was just a tad miffed that the knees simply gave up, they were working perfectly fine yesterday. I was a bit concerned that I might have, unknowingly, done something incorrectly and damaged my plans for the weeks ahead. Elevenses with a custard tart helped and I shall put my feet up on the sofa and have a cruisey Saturday. :)

Yep, practice has to be the answer ... and gently as we go! All the best to you too ... Let me know when you crack week 4 - we'll be half grads by then ;)



Ooooops, sorry... Lost the Internet temporarily and when it came back, it reported my reply 5 times!


Just done W4 R1 yesterday, and felt is was a steep curve. Yes legs felt they were filled with lead but I managed 90% of it. Not sure how I'll get on tomorrow, as my calf muscles seem pretty fragile, but I put that down to being overweight. Keep trying, that seems to be the on any day then give a go on a different day (bearing rest day of course). :-)


Cheers deviate66 ... and all the best for the remainder of your week's schedule. I went out again yesterday (Monday) morning and at a guess would say I did about 90% too ... First three of the four runs - no problems, but then I had to break the last 5 minute run about halfway through to catch my breath. I took about 20 seconds and then completed the rest of the last run and the warm down walk home. My knees didn't feel so bad yesterday, but they are stiff and quiet painful today again :( (had a horribly busy and physical day working at a garden centre today) I hope that a good rest tonight will enable me to try again tomorrow morning. Several blogs seem to suggest that all I am feeling is my body acclimatising to a new regime! I don't think that I shall consider moving into W5 until I've successfully completed the W4 at least 3 times. Keep going, eh? and seeya at graduation in a few weeks time. :) Linda


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