Week 4 - Should I walk to warm down?

Hi guys!

I'm about to start Week 4 of the Couch to 5K programme. I haven't listened to the audio for Week 4 yet, so apologies if this question is answered in it already.

Looking at the format though, each run appears to end with five minutes' running, with no warm-down walk. Is this by design, or should I add my own five-minute walk at the end?

Thanks in advance!

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  • You definitely do a cool down walk. The stretch after that (well I do)!

  • Yes, you should always do a 5 minute warm up walk before you run and a cool down walk afterwards.

  • Thanks guys :) I've only just created an account for this forum and this is my first post. It's amazing (and amazingly helpful) how fast people respond!

  • Yep - all the runs in the program involve 5 minute warm up and warm down - even in your final week when you run for 30 minutes :-)

  • And I still do it four years after graduation. I always know when I've skimped on it because that's when I feel the need to stretch.

    Those walks work... they get both your body and your head in the right place before and after.

  • Don't worry, Laura will tell you what to do!

  • Yep - the walk is there as others have said. I end up having an even longer walk sometimes as my route has taken me further than I intended. Walk to wind down & stretch to help avoid injury is advice I've been given & worked for last 10 weeks. Enjoy the run!!

  • Always the warm up and cool down walk - even when Laura is no longer there to tell you!

    Well done on your progress!

  • Yep, definitely do the cool down walk and don't forget your stretches after too! Well done on reaching week 4. It really is the best programme :) Looking forward to your future posts!

  • I often end up with much longer cool down walks coz I finish the running so far from home but actually think that helps sometimes. I asked the same question when I reached week 4 by the way - it is a bit confusing ๐Ÿ˜€

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