Proud grandma

Proud grandma

Had a great time at the north children cancer run this morning. I was running 3 miles with 7 yr old grandaughter and her friend. So probably fastest without stopping I've run for ages as they are speedy. Grandson Brody still building up his stamina and also had wee op last Mon so has to be careful to protect the wound. He's very competitive and my daughter wasn't sure how he would react if he couldn't run the 3 miles so thought he should do 1 mile race with his wee brother. Brody finally managed to persuade his mum to let him do the 3 miles if he agreed that he might need to walk. When I finished with the girls I went back and joined Brody and his dad for the last mile. He had enough energy to run pretty fast over finish line. He's some boy because right away he whispered he was going to run the 5 miles next year but wasn't going to tell his mum yet! Feeling very proud and happy.


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26 Replies

  • Gorgeous ! You are such an inspirational family , what a lovely photo.

    I'm so glad you had a good day, and yes I am sure Brody will do the 5 miles next year xxx

  • Had such a great time Poppy. It was lovely seeing Brody understanding he's not at full strength yet but not getting upset. During his treatment he used to get frustrated and upset when his body wouldn't do what he wanted it to do. So pleased for him today

  • What a lovely post. Lots of congratulations to all of you. What a fantastic thing to encourage in your grandchildren and for a deserving cause. 👏🏼

  • Thanks Bamp0014. We are so grateful for all the families who took part in this run in the past to raise money for research which gives Brody a good chance to survive leukaemia. It was Brody who inspired me to start running.

  • I wish Brody all the best and he is lucky to have a supportive family. My husband had ALL 20 years ago and I have supported leukaemia research now Bloodwise ever since. He is still here fit and healthy and actually did a Marathon to raise money. No pressure for me then- just managed the 3 minutes!! Best wishes x

  • Thank you so much for telling me about your husband. Great that he is so well now. Dont think I'll ever run a marathon. But knowing Brodh he probably will!

  • Aww your grandchildren are beautiful and clearly have a fantastic grandmother! You should be really proud of you wonderful family and I hope Brody has a speedy recovery although I think he will just fine being such a determined little boy :)

    Well done!


  • I am so proud of all my 7 grandchildren Kayleigh. They all run and even the 2 yr old got his first medal couple of weeks ago when we did the 200 metre toddle. I have seen a big difference in Brodys stamina and moods the last few weeks so very happy

  • Where do they get the energy? Easy to see why you are so proud! Well done to you all

  • Grandaughter Jessie is really fast but up till now I've always managed to keep up on longer distances. But now I'll think I'll really have to work on the speed for next year! When Brody gets back to full strength he's going to leave me standing too. I can till beat 3 yr old Fraser - so far!

  • What an absolutely gorgeous photo. You all look so happy. Glad Brody was well enough to enjoy the day.

  • The last 3 years he's ran/ walked / been carried the 1 mile and basically just fallen asleep cos so tired and his legs just couldn't do what he wanted them to do. Last year he got so frustrated. Huge difference this year cos no chemo,no steroids. You could really see the difference. So so happy.

  • Isn't it amazing how resilient little ones can be, they just take everything in their stride and act like nothings wrong. Bless them. x

  • Congratulations! You all did so brilliantly , glad Brody is doing well, lovely photo 😊

  • Thanks Ali. Saw a big difference in him today. It was lovely

  • That photo is one for the memory bank. Everyone looks so happy! Well done everyone.

  • It was a lovely day IrishP. The sun was shining and lots of fun.

  • Aww that is so lovely, I can only imagine the times you've all been through ...huge congratulations to you all and wishing Brody a solid recovery! Magical moments x

  • Not been the best few years but starting to see improvement in Brody. He's great and has fantastic smile .thanks Jaxsy

  • That is a beautiful picture and I can only echo what others have said - you and your family are an inspiration! Brody sounds like a wise and strong little soul. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Sandra. Brody is like my mini running coach. He tells me I should practice more if I want to run better! He once suggested I borrow his dad's shoes because he is very fast. And he said I am the oldest person he knows who can run which I rate as one of my best compliments.

  • Bless him! So maybe if I could get hold of Mo Farah's shoes, I could really be flying!😉

  • What a wonderful picture and a wonderful day by the sound of it.

    Brody is certainly one gutsy wee boy.

    No wonder you're a very proud Grandma! 🤗

  • He is very competitive and used to get very frustrated Noaky. It was like his body just wouldn't do what his mind thought it should do if that makes sense. But just recently that seems to have settled down quite a bit. Every day he seems to be getting stronger.

  • That little boy is such an inspiration (as are you!). Lovely to hear that he is progressing so well.xx

  • He's great Useit. He stopped chemo and steroids end of Jan but it's really only the last few weeks I've seen the difference in his moods and strength. I think it was really noticeable yesterday because that's the 4th time he's done that run and there was no wobbles at all. I better start the speed training now cos at this rate no way will I keep up with him next year.

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