Today is my 1st birthday

Started c25k year ago so I could run a 1 mile race with my grandson Brody the following May. Never EVER thought I would get hooked or that it would change my life in so many ways. In the last year I have run over 500 mls, joined a running club, ran that 1 ml race as well as a 5k, 5 ml and 10 k races ,30 parkruns and 7 junior parkruns . Apart from the unbelievable joy I get from running I have made some fantastic friends here and on FB who have helped me through the low points and celebrated the high points of my running journey Thank you all for your friendship and support. Today I feel like a new woman, have lost over 2 stone , love wearing lycra! and bright coloured running tops and shoes and have so much more mental and physical energy. Brody is now over 1/2 way through his 3yr treatment for leukaemia and drs happy with his progress so far. He is my inspiration and is always telling me I need to practise more if I want to go faster! Sorry for the ramble but I feel like I want to burst I am so emotional. Words can't really express how I am feeling but I can honestly say without c25k and all of you I don't know if I would ever have got out of the dark place I was in last year. Thank you.


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37 Replies

  • Happy birthday! What an emotional and physical roller coaster year! You are amazing, really amazing! xxx

  • Thanks useitorloseit Can't believe difference in 12 months

  • Many many thanks for your post !

    I loved reading it! I am still not done with the C25K and haven't been to any races yet but I can imagine how much effort , determination and energy you have invested to get that far.. and most importantly coming that far with that passion :)

    HAPPY Birthday and say hi to Brody :)

  • Thanks Zeinab This is a great forum and will support you all the way on your journey. Good luck with the rest of the prog and will look out for your graduation badge

  • Many happy returns Fitfor60! And what a story, you've been through so much and risen above it all. Good to hear such very positive news. Enjoy all that new-found energy :-)

  • I still find it amazing that just getting outside for a run can make such a difference to how I feel Thanks Babs

  • Happy Birthday (so to speak) to you, and wonderful news about Brody! I'm very, very happy to hear it.

    You have come an amazing way, and your journey is an inspiration for us all. Well done!!!

  • Thanks Tomas . Brody's great wee boy and just started school Not sure how keen he is on the writing and homework bit but loves the puddings at lunchtime !

  • Happy Runnerversary. As you say a year has gone by, you have achieved so much over the year and inspired so many people. It should be for us to thank you. Here is to the next year hoping its eventful in the right way. Happy running as always.

  • You are one of the many rfc who have helped me so much Your quests keep me on the straight and narrow even when things not always going so well . I'm loving Runnerversary - what a great word .

  • Yes - 'Happy Runnerversary!' Wonderful to read of your year and I wish you many many more good times and runs ahead. :-)

  • Thanks not bad Looking forward to another parkrun with you and lovefoodie

  • Aww Rona, what a lovely post. You have done brilliantly. 30 Parkruns plus 7 junior park runs -way to go girl :)

    I have gotten so much from sharing some of this last year with you (not the losing 2 stone or the looking great in lycra - but I can always hope for next year). You are an inspiration and a great example of some of the changes C25k can bring.

    Great news about Brody too!

  • Not sure I look that great in lycra Beth but so comfy ! How is your running going ? Are we ever going to get that coffee?

  • Well done you. In one of those situations where it is natural to feel utterly helpless, you did something. I am so glad it has repaid you over and over.

  • It took me months and months of dithering after promising Brody I would do the race before I actually started c25k I still don't know what happened that day Googleme but I just woke up and decided to do wk1 run 1

  • Sorry I'm late I had to stop off to get a kleenex after reading your post [sniffs big bubbles]. What a lovely post and what great, inspirational achievements. Great news about your grandson's progress too. What a day brightener, thank you. :)

  • What a brilliant post. It oozes confidence and strength and it's all your own doing!

    You've had an unbelievable year but your family,especially Brody, must be so proud.

    It is amazing what this running can do for us and to us.

  • Thanks Irishprincess I am very lucky cos have an amazing family who have supported me all the way with this . I have such funny conversations with Brody about running. He once suggested I could borrow his dads shoes cos he is a fast runner

  • Bless...

  • Aw sorry slookie didn't mean to make you cry. In May 2013 Brody ran a charity race and I couldn't keep up with him. He was nearly 3 at the time and had just finished 6 mths intensive chemo . He said Grandma why can't you run races! I just felt so bad and promised I would do the race with him the next year. It still took me till the sept to get going though. So so glad I did though

  • Blimmin heck, just going off for a bigger box of kleenex. Go you F-4-60. Blimey. Gulp. Sell the film rights. I would eat popcorn to that. We are glad you did it too cos otherwise we wouldn't have read your post and been so touched by it in the very best way.

  • Thanks slookie

  • Well done FitFor60 and great news that Brody continues to do well. Enjoy the next year

  • Thanks c4ts Thinking of next race .Do junior park run with Alex another grandson and he desperate to get a medal. I bought a toy one for him but he was not impressed and told me he would like to have a real one - should know better than try to kid a 4 yr old!

  • Happy runaversary! I started in October a year ago and now I'm gutted I didn't keep track of the date :( I do know however I graduated 2 days before christmas last year :D can't wait for our next parkrun re-union!

  • Do you know Lovefood I didn't keep a note of date either cos I never expected it to be a big deal ! I had to work it backwards from when I did park run in week 9 and also asked friend I started c25k with Between us we worked out date . I let you know next time I be down in Whitley bay on a sat

  • Fantastic post. Well done you - what a fab list of achievements and Go Brody! Super news for you all. I'm sure he is really proud of his granny. I remember reading one of your previous posts. Gotta love the funny little things kids say. When I changed a dress one day because I thought I looked fat my son looked quite confused and said 'but Mummy the fat bits are still there'.

  • Children are just magic Thp42 -- well most of the time , obviously not in middle of night when they won't go to sleep or when they haven't learnt the art of saying ' but mummy you havnt got any fat bits '

  • I am so pleased that Brody is doing well, and that you made him that promise. An amazing inspirational post FF60, you should feel very proud. x :-)

  • Thanks no- excuse I could never imagined where that promise would have led me.

  • Oh, what a absolutely heartwarming, lovely post. I am so so pleased for you , what an amazing lady you are .

    I hope you and Brody enjoy many more runs together and that he continues to make such good progress xxx

  • Thanks poppy pug. Brody sometimes get frustrated that he can't run as fast as he wants and tires quickly . However he managed to complete the mini GNR in newcastle with big sister Jessie and dad. so proud of his medal

  • What a lovely post, you are a true inspiration! x

  • Thanks curlygurly.

  • I'm a bit late Fitfor60 but thank you for sharing such an inspirational post. Glad things are going well for both you and Brody :) Happy Runerversary!

  • Thank you mamma mia

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