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W3R2 turned into W4R1

Well I set out to do my second run of week 3 but couldn't get that podcast to play for some reason (it had worked fine for run 1). I was starting to get cold standing around trying to get it to work but didn't want to go back home so just decided to try a week 4 run, I figured I could always stop early on the 5 minute runs if necessary. Surprisingly I managed it fine, so think I'll just continue on week 4 for the next 2 runs.

Does anyone else find that their first run period is their hardest? I always seem to feel like I'm struggling on the first one and wonder how I'm going to manage the next one. But then as I go on the following runs seem easier. I wonder why.

On another note I wish the music on the podcasts didn't keep going on about summer and the sun shining. It's a tad annoying when it's overcast, threatening rain, is about 4 degrees C without the northerly wind chill factor (which is so cold my eyes are watering so that I look like I'm crying).

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yeah I often found the first one harder for some reason! Didn't use the podcasts but that sounds annoying even with us having lovely sunshine just now! Well done on your run though!

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I normally find the first one easier maybe 'cus I build it up in my head to be too hard then run 2 seems the killer.

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