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W3 done!@

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Hi all,

I've been avidly reading all your storis but was not brave enough to Post until today. I'm on a high after completing Wk3. As am unfit coach potato I feel Euphoric. I am fifty this year and until last year I was a very heavy smoker. I am very overweight and unhealthy. I orginally started thus as a way to lose weight however I've not lost 1lb. But I'm actually not that bothered as I'm really enjoying the walking/jogging (nit sure I can call it running yet). Normally I would demoralised about the weight but u feel great. I am actually looking forward to my next Session.

12 Replies
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Sorry about bad spelling posted from my phone and lost first post so quickly posted without checking so I didn't lose it again x

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It took me until the end of W5 to find the courage to post - I guess all that time I was still unsure if I would be able to keep up with the programme. So you have bravely introduced yourself - Hi! - and I think it sort of helps you to feel committed to your goal. Well done, welcome to the gang, looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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Welcome to the board! Running on its own isn't the best way to lose weight unfortunately but it certainly will help if you follow a healthy eating plan. But you've made a great start and you may see some toning in those important areas as you progress! Best of luck and keep posting your progress!

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Just starting was the hardest thing to do. You'll be fine here as everyone is here for the same reason to become runners, to be supported and supportive. The weight may not drop off but your fitness will be improving. A lot of people combine this with a form of diet or calorie counting on myfitnesspal. Good luck and keep posting the programme will get you there!

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Welcome! Sounds like you're doing great and gradually getting addicted like the rest of us. Enjoy your new self!

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Thanks for your lovely welcome. I actually am trying to cut down/eat right. I've been doing that since Christmas. However I've decided just to eat less and move more fie my health. I feel so much better already and I lose weight great if I don't I'm not going to let that deter me. Once again thanks for you're lovely comments

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Welcome Maggie, this is the best place to stay connected, motivated and you will get lots of positive comments whenever you post. I agree with the idea of focus on being healthy, the weight loss will follow. Good luck :)

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hi and welcome Maggie :D I am an ex smoker also so well done on that to start with :D when I started c25k I had no idea what it would mean to me and how it would change my life in so many ways and I am sure it will do the same for you :D P.S I was nearly 57 when I started last sept ..

This is a wonderful forum full of wonderful peeps who will support and encourage you all the way and give a kick up the bum if required also :D

Keep running and keep posting Maggie you wont regret a second of it :D

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You arent a couch potato, you go for a run 3 times a week :) :)

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Welcome Maggie and Well done to you for kicking the fags into touch.

Stopping smoking and taking up this programme were life changing for me .

It will be for you too :-)

Keep posting as its brilliant in charting your progress and really helps with keeping you motivated .

I wish you all the very best and keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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It's great that you have started and are enjoying it. It's not a quick fix for weight, but hopefully it can be a sustainable way of improving your health. Do keep posting.

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Hi Maggie, welcome and really well done for getting to week 4. You'll probably find that the more you run you'll want to eat more healthy food as that fuels the body for running. Your body will change shape and become more "trim" and toned but you probably won't notice as you'll be too busy enjoying the runs! But the benefits to your health are huge so keep going!

It sounds as if you've got the bug already and the fact you're looking forward to the next run is fantastic. Keep posting here for encouragement or just to tell us how you're getting on.

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