Week8 - Humble Pie Time

So, I foolishly thought I could join my gym's running club, which meets on a Weds evening, thinking it would be full of newbies like me.  Well it was, but they were much faster and I was lagging well behind. 

The terrain was tough too, with some hills and the second one made me really struggle.

But I did it!  Run1 of W8 completed (plus a few more mins), but I was exhausted!

Not sure about continuing with the gym's running club, although it was nice to have some company, even if I was on my own at the back for the whole run.

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  • Brave, very brave, well done :)

    Someone has to be the last runner and you completed the run so sounds like you should give it another go before making a decision xx

  • Aw, thank you - I think I was optimistic rather than brave, LOL.  I think I will do it again next week, it will be good to see if I get any better at it!

  • Exactly what I was going to say!  Brave, brave you! 

  • Thank you!  Foolhardy was the word I was thinking, LOL!

  • The runs may be tough, but if you had a good time I say carry on.  The group might be good post-graduation motivation.

  • That's a good point.  I did enjoy it, so will give it another go, I really don't mind being the slowest one there, I am just glad I can run at all!

  • Bless you, I feel your pain!  When I graduated, I tried a couple of running clubs - one was a group of people pounding the streets for 5k in the dark.  They were pretty friendly but I don't enjoy running round town streets as I have been exploring the countryside near my home which I find more fun.  The second one was on a dark running track, it cost me four quid, and we were running circuits against the clock.  I was the slowest there.  The following week they were going to do hill sprints - no way, that would squeeze all the fun out of running!  Carried on being a loner.  I want to find new tracks, see wildlife, stop and enjoy the scenery, skip through the woods - all totally free.  If I want to go in the day, I will.  If the weather isn't too good, I will wait for it to change.  I guess I am just way too independent.  Wouldn't it be good if there were trail running clubs for all abilities where it was fun?

  • That was exactly what I was thinking last night.  I am very much a loner in all my exercise, but thought I would give it a go amongst others, which I did enjoy.  The place where we ran was lovely - a huge park and I shall be visiting it again for my lone runs, too, now I know it is there.

    I have been persuaded to give it a go again next week, argh!

  • Part of me yearns to run with others, give it another try

  • That's brave of you. I haven't tried running in a group yet but it is one of the running goals I've setcmyself for this year. I just don't feel ready for it. I think you are right to go back if they were a nice crowd. You've nearly graduated and you can feel aimless and lost without the programme to follow. Running with the group would help you stay motivated.

  • It is a friendly group - the whole gym has a great positive vibe and they were very encouraging, so will give it another go next week!

  • well done for going and completing it, my first thoughts are that I would have expected someone in the group to have run with a new start and not left them behind?

  • Thanks, I would have felt embarrassed slowing someone else down, so I didn't mind about having someone else with me.  The organiser did run out to join me at the end, which was nice and kept me going when I really felt like I wanted to stop!

  • that's not so bad then! And as long as you enjoyed it!

  • I tried a 'beginners' session at a running club a little while ago and the same thing happened to me, EVERYONE was much quicker, to the point I felt embarrassed that they were waiting for me to do the next tasks/circuits.  Even at the start when they did a 'light jog' to where they were going to do the session they left me way behind - it was a dark winters evening in an area I didn't know, if my hubby hadn't waited for me, I'd have lost them! 

    Anyway, I haven't been back since, I did feel sorry for the leaders, they were kind, but some did make me feel as though I was a bit of a nuisance! It's a club that has links to the university and loads of competitions, so a bit too competative for me. That's not what I want out of running anyway.  All to there own, but it was worth a try.....


  • Yes, it is worth trying things out and you would have wondered what it was like if you hadn't. 

    I think next week, I will tell them not to wait for me when they do the circuits, just to continue.  I couldn't do them properly last night anyway, I was too bushed after the run!

    I guess I lack the competitive gene too.

  • It was also about finding where you can get advice/support, this forum is great for that, and that's another reason why I love parkrun so much, the only competition you're in is the one with yourself!

    Happy running LTL 😄


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