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Week8, Run2

Just finished week 8 run number 2. It felt so good that I even added an additional 5 minutes on the end. I am looking forward to running my first 5K for real. I should be through week 9 in the next several days. I'm hoping that Laura has some advise at the end of the series on how to keep motivated. I can't imagine running without Laura to push me through. Not to mention how I will miss that snappy music--Ha ha! I'm so happy with how well this program works. I could hardly run the 30 second runs at the beginning of the program. Never though I'd run for 30+ minutes. Thanks Laura.

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Well done KofG :D you are so close now :D we look forward to seeing your graduation post :D

As for after C25K , quite a few including me feel abit lost about what to do or how to go about it , Laura does say about the + podcasts , which bridge the gap after the program ....

My choice was to consolidate for a while at running 3 times a week for 30mins or 5k ,then decide on your next goals , the main thing is continue enjoying running , just to show what is possible we have 3 peeps running half marathons today who started C25K about a year ago , so really ANYTHING is possible for you .

Good luck with your remaining runs :D :D


Well done on your progress, I second Rob's comment about the C25K+ podcasts they are brilliant. There are loads of other programmes you can get, there are even some from Audiofuel, the people who make the podcasts for C25K, although they are not free...really, you need to decide what you want to do next, distance? Speed? Races? The world is your oyster xx


Yep, that first minute 8 weeks ago was the worst!

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Yeah you deffo have to do the C25k+ podcasts with Laura. They will keep you busy for ages. In fact you'll keep running them as they are so motivating

Bridge to 10 k comes after that. Your running really opens up after Graduation but you still have to get stronger to support your running legs and skeleton, so slow jogs, building up the distance on a 10% basis each week will get you places you never knew you could go

It's great fun and you have the whole year ahead of you. Spring is upon us, lighter nights. It's all good!

Good luck


Well done on your progress. Doesn't it feel great to be getting so far through the programme.


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