I'm new here and new to the Couch to 5k plan

When my alarm went off this morning at 5.50 I did think about staying in bed but the running bug catches you really quickly.

I did my fourth run today. I was naughty and jumped to Week 2 after my first run as it didn't seem challenging enough but I am now sticking to the plan.

Week 3 Run 1 on Friday and it looks tough but weirdly I can't wait.

It is great to read everyone's stories and it is really motivational.


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  • Keep to the plan and don't get hooked on speed, slow and steady does it, without injuries. Good luck

  • Thank you for your support. The thought of running 3 minutes is worrying but that is why I chose the plan because I needed something to guide me to achieve the targets each week rather than failing because I couldn't run 5k straight off. I love the podcasts it makes it so simple. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  • Welcome to the friendliest forum around and the most pleasant bug. If your starting fitness level had been 'couch potato' you would not have skipped a week, but it's great that you could.

  • Thank you - it is a great forum and so good to see people at so many different stages of the plan. I haven't run for a good few years or exercised for the last year so I definitely will start to struggle a bit now. I really have to concentrate on my breathing as I quite often end up gasping for breath. It took over an hour for the red in my face to go down too! This time tomorrow hopefully I will be close to finishing. Have a good day.

  • Hi, I'm one week ahead of you... Have you seen week 5 run 3?  Terrifying 

  • I found that not looking ahead in the C25k plan was good for me. The mind gremlins have enough already to work against me without giving them more. 

  • I wasn't going to but got tempted!

  • I'm not looking!

  • Ohhhh no I'm terrified now 🙈

  • Sorry

  • Do the plan.

    There are loads of different ways into running, but that graduate badge is rather nice to have and if you've not completed the 27 runs minimum, you've not really earned it. Frankly, I think Week 1 is one of the hardest... if you didn't, you have probably not started to learn about adjusting your speed to be able to sustain a run for 30 minutes and to get there without injuring yourself.

    But it certainly is lovely to see such enthusiasm!

  • Well done!  I had to do the opposite with the early runs, ended up repeating week1 several times, LOL.  Still, the programme works and it is great to progress through the weeks :)

  • Well done on starting! My advice is to just do what your body feels like, if week 1 was easy then its fine to skip a week. I was only off running a few months and found week one really hard but I did put on about 15kg in that time :) Guess I wanted to start running again in hard mode. Keep going, turns out millions of years of evolution has made our bodies pretty adaptable to change, you can do it and you will feel grand! :)

  • Crikey 5:50. You're good. Mine went off at 6:20 and nearly got slung out the window. Somehow or other I found my body was ready for the next longer run when it came. The problem was that my mind was not and I had to distract my mind with all kinds of little tricks to make myself persevere through those runs. It worked though. It is a great programme, try to have faith in it and persevere. I know it isn't easy to trust that you can run for 3 min, or 8 or 20 but it worked for a lot of us.

  • I also skipped week 1 altogether, I had been out a few times( before I knew of c25k) just running for a count of 100 and walking for the same for a few miles, so I decided week 2 was a more appropriate place to start. I agree though if someone is completely inactive then starting at the beginning is a must, in fact probably a few weeks of brisk walking before wk 1 would be sensible.

  • I was the same skipped week 2 , glad your enjoying it . Keep it up !!

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