New Here. Couch to 5k...The story Begins

Hi all. Back in my 20s I jogged a bit and eventually ran the London Marathon. That was back in 1983. To get to that standard I did an awful amount of running and plodded around in just under 4 and a half hours. After that, with a new knee injury to boot, I vowed I would never run again and until last week, I stuck to that vow.

Now, aged 56 and probably 2 stone heavier, I got fitted for some Reeboks and set off on the C25K. My goals this time are to run in my local park runs in Chelmsford, Essex and to lose some of the weight I've gained over the years.

I read that you should take the 'running' parts very slowly to begin with but when it appears to take an age to catch up with a dog walking old lady in front of me, it can get a bit de-motivating. However I did eventually catch her up and as I ran past her, I held my breath as I didn't want to appear to be a newbie to this running lark. I know this may appear to be a bit trivial, however, I used her as a target and I achieved that target. With that in mind, I will be setting many more over the coming weeks.

I will be doing week 2 run 2 tomorrow and hope, with the help of the community on this site, I can achieve my goal and also encourage everyone else to reach theirs.

Good Luck everyone.


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13 Replies

  • Blimey! - you sound just like us Graduates when we started out! LOL In other words, don't worry - you are eminently qualified to join us at the Graduate table when you no doubt will get there :) And 'slow and Steadt and Respect the Rest Days' is how we did it.

    It's a bit creepy how that little old lady walking the dog appears to us all! And even creepier how fast she is! - at the beginning that is ;)

    If you do feel discouraged at any time, read the early posts of Graduates. We share so many of the same feelings and's ALMOST creepy too! ;)

  • Welcome and well done for getting started on this fantastic journey!

    We have all felt like you as Irish-John says.

    I was walking this morning...I am currently on the IC...(not because of a running injury though) and realised, that even crocked and walking, I was moving faster than I did when I started C25K a year or so ago!

    Slow and steady is the way to go...the only way, and you will reach Graduation injury free and having had a great time!

    Take the advice offered post your successes and your setbacks( we don't ever use the 'f' word...f**l. The folk on here are great at support and encouragement and giving the odd push where needed too :)

    So, you are on the way, follow the programme and we look forward to your next post :)

  • Well done Stig! But it's not good to hold your breath while running, just let it come naturally, don't worry what people think, why should it matter? I have a faster runner come past me at Parkrun and he pants like a foghorn!😊

  • Well done - at least you know what you are letting yourself in for. It becomes very addictive!

  • Ha, I know exactly what you mean stig😄 its worse if they hear you coming and step to one side before you reach them and you feel it takes an age to get past... and then its time for a walk break!!

    At least you are out running and improving your health so don't worry about going slow and steady, you will need to do this to build up your stamina for the longer runs. Good for you for taking this up again..who knows where it will lead you...the plan works and gets you hooked on running.

    Keep posting, we love to encourage and hear how you get on. 😊

  • Running your Parkrun sounds like a great goal and I'm sure you will succeed. Walkers and children are fast - never underestimate them.

  • Welcome aboard Stig, you wont be down in the dumps on here , that's for sure !

    Slow and steady is the way , you can do this !

    Keep posting so we can cheer you along your way.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Welcome and well done for starting. Your post made me smile! The folk on this forum are fantastic, so supportive. Best of luck with your future runs.

  • Welcome Sig, you're going to love it here :)

  • Welcome! It made me smile about the old lady but I should point out that some of us (well, at least one of us :-D ) didn't actually manage to catch the old lady up when starting the programme!

  • Two of us!

  • Thanks for the welcome everyone. Always nice to know that there are others feeling my pain but great to see so many get through it and complete the program. Only found this site yesterday and jolly good it looks too.

    Thanks again. :)

  • Welcome, good luck and have fun! Keep us posted how you get on.

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