Need a pick me up

So I just completed W3R2 . I'm further along because I only did 2 runs in W1 and W2 before moving on. The three minutes is just about manageable so I'll probably complete this week properly before taking a stab at W4.

However...I hadn't planned to tell my boyfriend about doing C25k at all. But, as I stay with him a few days a week it was inevitable that at least one run would clash and it would be hard to hide it. Plus I didn't want to use him not knowing as an excuse not keep up with the one day run / one day rest pattern.

So I told him...he asked a few questions but didn't seem overly supportive. I shrugged it off but when I saw him on Thursday I proudly told him I'd just done the first run of Week 3 - 3 whole minutes of running at a time.

He laughed! And then (give or take some extra words in between) proceeded to point out that his friend is doing a half marathon and that's about 2 hours of running. He seemed amused that I was so pleased with myself.

Again I tried to brush it off and told him that I wasn't a runner so it's not like I could just up and take part in the Olympics. He tried later to say he was really pleased that I was enjoying myself but it was a bit late and just sounded a bit empty.

I know it's just an opinion and he probably didn't really mean it in the way it sounded but I feel really down about it. To top it off he also practically made out last night at my job was a bit pointless after I tried to talk about a campaign I was working on and he didn't agree with what we were trying to put across.

I know I'm making him sound worse than he probably actually sounded but I think I just need a bit of a moan.


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  • Relationship advice is not my forte (see the post after yours), but C25k is for you. Stick with it and your self esteem will grow and if anyone knocks you for it or belittles it, then more fool them. You will have running for life ( I just wish I had discovered it when I was 30 years younger) and whether you do marathons or just a few runs each week, your body and mind will be better for it. When you graduate, maybe you could challenge him to run 5k with you, maybe then he will be impressed.

    Good luck with your running.

  • I guess to fit people it does sound quite funny to find it hard running for 60 sec at a time! I was talking to someone at work about it yesterday and he was laughing and saying it didn't sound very long, and yeah actually he's right but so what eh? You are only doing the short runs for 6 weeks or so, then a lifetime of proper running and feeling amazing! Don't let anyone get you down, it takes massive will power to even start this programme - I took 2 years or more to make myself do it, and found it so hard I quit after run 1 week 1!! Thank goodness I found it in myself to try again a few months later, as I'm now about to do w5r3 tomorrow and amazed at how quickly my fitness is improving. So just get through these first weeks and look forward to your healthier fitter lifestyle :)

  • Even marathon runners have to start somewhere and I bet there are a fair few who couldn't run for 3 minutes when they first began! It really is the 'first step on the journey' (even though I hate using the 'J' word!!) and who knows where you'll be this time next year....running a marathon perhaps...?! ;-)

    Congratulations on your progress so far, you're doing brilliantly - I look forward to hearing more as you go through the weeks.

  • Don't listen to him too much, my bloke isn't too supportive but I'm doing it for me first!

    Does it make you feel good? That's all that matters is what I think to myself! You're doing great!

    I've been trying to get my boyfriend to come out with me but even though he does v little actual physical exercise he doesn't think he needs a program to tell him how to run and then sits on the sofa while I look fitter!!

  • If you need a chat just search my name, no offence blokes but they can be annoying!!

  • He's probably secretly feeling a bit scared and confused at the new self-improving you! Or a bit insecure that he's not running? After all, we've all got friends who do marathons, Ironman, Powerman, whatever - doesn't mean anything in terms of our own fitness so it's not going to make us fit by osmosis (that's not the right word, but you can get what I mean...) He can't take credit for what his friends do ;-) I would say just do you own thing, don't expect support, you are doing this for you, not anyone else. Your health, your body, your self-esteem. Every runner has started out doing little bits and gradually run for greater distances and faster times - just that many of them started a few years before us! (Decades?)

  • When I first ran round the park (which incidentally takes 30 minutes) I was so proud I wanted to tell everyone! I was on top of the world till my husband's friend said, Thirty minutes? I can walk it in less than that!'

    I don't think he realised how much he'd upset me. I laughed it off, as he is a real wind up merchant, but it hurt! Hubby said, 'yes but you should have said, can you run round the park!? Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    I got over it and I'm still running and he's still a wind up, but he doesn't get to me anymore!

    Other people (non runners) look at you like you're amazing when you tell them, 'oh my run today? just 4 miles!' then I just bask in the glow as they look very impressed. I like those people!!

    I did used to get defensive when people say (and it still happens),' Running? oh it's boring!'

    I just smile now and say it's not for everyone and think I don't have to explain myself to anyone!

    See it's made me confident and very proud!!!

    I hope things get sorted for you, good luck... and most of all enjoy it!!!


  • It's really funny. On here everyone gets how great it is to run for 1 minute and what an achievement that is. People who have tried to run for 1 minute, and failed, also find it impressive! People running marathons not so. People who don't run are not so impressed either. But I guess the only person we need to impress is ourselves...I am totally impressed! X

  • My husband, who's always been sporty and runs marathons quite often, didn't see the point of the programme either when I started. In the first couple of weeks, he came with me a few times and kept trying to convince me to run for a bit longer or a bit faster. I stuck to my guns and kept with the programme and he's slowly getting won over as I improve. He realises now I probably could have run for three mins when I started but I couldn't have done the next three and the next three for 30 mins as I can now.

    He even suggested when I twisted my ankle that if I was gonna be a runner, I should expect a few niggles. Like I don't know the difference between a niggle and a sprained ankle, tut. Doing it like this improves our confidence as well as our stamina and I'm sure if we stick with it we would eventually be able to run for 2 hours. I've spoken to quite a few people now and most are very supportive and a few have even asked how they can get the podcasts. That's probably the way forward, now I think about it, just hang around with mostly non sporty people like me, lol.

  • I shall be doing a special "I can run 3 minutes" dance after W3R1. Celebrate your achievements.

    Possibly unwanted fortune cookie wisdom: ask yourself what advice you'd give a close female friend if she told you her man had belittled her job and an achievement she was proud of?

    Keep in there and don't let anyone take away the enjoyment you're getting.

  • All very good advice! I semi ran up a hill today!

    My friends sound more impressed by me doing this than my boyfriend!!

  • I am very sorry but I will not have anyone criticising our programme! It works; it may go up in baby steps until Laura pushes us out of the nest saying 'you can run 20mins, you can do it!' And we find can! I have done this prog for 8 weeks and my body has been happy and it has done it. My mind has gone through the mangle of 'I am too old, unfit, lumpy, pink' to do this and has now found a reassuring self confidence.

    Today I did w8r2 and it was the worst for ages and my distance in 28 mins was not as good as last time. It was very sticky this morning and I was/am as pink as a pink thing. But I am more mature in my running now; I wasn't finding it easy so I shortened my stride, steadied my breathing, and relaxed into the experience of being outside in a very nice place doing something great. So now on a tough day I can manage it and get it done.

    And I look back and I ran 4.25km in 28 mins on a bad day after running for 8 weeks. What a fantastic achievement. This programme got me here and got me into this community. The bf has no idea of how this programme will transform you inside and outside. Stick with it and tell us how each run goes.

  • Well said that lady!

  • Thank you all for your amazing replies and encouragement.

    He doesn't have a sensor that tells him it's time to keep his opinions to himself unfortunately and it came make him sound a bit up himself on occasion. Still I wouldn't actually swap him.

    W3R3 tomorrow...I'm finding that I'm not particularly out of breath but my muscles seem to hate me...quiet frustrating as the upper part of me thinks I'd be quite happy going for a bit longer but my legs disagree.

    Finding the music a little awful this week though!

  • I have read similar stories on here before, I think there are a fair few lacking the sensor, bless them. I was lucky in that my immediate family were supportive from the start, but yes I have encountered a few negative reactions. In my experience most negativity came from those who'd never run before, those who had were more understanding. You've got to start somewhere, and 5 weeks from now you'll be running for 30 minutes.

    The music doesn't get any better unfortunately... ;-)

  • Just wait for week 8 and 'Julie', you'll love it!!! Hehe! I find it keeps me running just so I can stop the podcast!

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