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emotional rollercoaster

Having been ill last week and not able to finish W5, I decided to start it again today. Got outside, realised it was raining so headed to the gym instead of running around town. Did the first two 5 minute runs of W5R1 fine, finished the third one and still felt good so just carried on. When my phone buzzed to say 'end of workout' I realised I'd been going for 10 minutes but still felt ok to go on! And then... I accidentally hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill. No way of seeing how far I'd run or what time I was on. Gutted! 

That said, feeling positive about W5R2. Being ill was I think a bit of an excuse not to do it last week, as I was feeling pretty intimidated. But if I can do 5-5-10 on a treadmill I should be able to do 8-8 outside!

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