Parkrun - me?

Living in Germany means no parkruns. Never even heard of them before I joined this lovely community. But you certainly make them sound tempting. Now we go on holiday next week, 2 weeks in sunny Ireland and out of interest I browsed the parkruns in the area.  Hmm - very tempting, but might be disruptive for the rest of the group etc. (excuses, excuses!).  Well today I got myself a running partner. We're going with friends and both of them expressed interest when my husband announced I would be going out running every other day (he's dead proud of me really, it's quite sweet the way he does all my boasting. Never to my face though!). So I told them about Parkrun as well and at least one of our friends is going to do it with me. Maybe both of them. And before that we'll be loping around the green fields of Ireland together. I've never run with anyone before, so a bit nervous about that. I have no idea at what level they are, but they both went pale when I told them I'm really slow at about 7.5 - 8 min/km, claiming that was fast. And then I felt rotten for scaring them off. Anyway we shall see - more new experiences as a result of this forum! Quite excited now!


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  • Good for you. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just remember to register and print off your barcode for parkrun before you turn up. You only ever have to do it once and you can then just turn up and run at any parkrun anywhere in the world.

  • I've already registered (and sent the link to the others). Just need to print off the barcode - had to invent a "home parkrun"! 

  • Well, if you want a home parkrun, I always thank that Camp Bastion, Afghanistan was one of the more interesting ones to use. For some reason, I don't think that it's happens these days though... 

  • brilliant! Look forward to your first parkrun post! Where about in Ireland are you going?

  • Kenmare - Parkrun in Killarney. 

  • enjoy your holiday! Ireland is lovely have never been to Killarney but been in the north and Donegal.

  • Sounds exciting... my maternal side are Irish... give my love to the Old Country x

    You will be very impressive ! Your friends will be amazed!

  • My maternal side are also Irish.  My husband, despite being German, speaks perfect English with a broad Dublin accent, having learnt his English as an apprentice from 4 Irish chefs who were over in Germany. We need to go over there regularly so he can refresh his accent! Despite being together for over 30 years I never managed to give him an English accent! 

  • Wonderful! I always feel an affinity to you when we chat...:) That could be part of it! :) 

    I love the lilt of the Irish accent... could listen to it all day! I am really looking  forward to your posts of your Irish runs...:)

    We are off in the tin-tent, to Carsington Water this morning, just for a few days, and I am looking forward to a few, gentle, shortish runs around there. I have an idea for improving my speed a little, just for fun.

  • Park runs are so friendly and there's always a briefing for first time runners so you'll be fine. - enjoy:-)

  • I'm sure you'll love it!

  • That sounds great!happy holidays  to you and  post up a photo from parkrun of you can!😊

  • Pack your trail running shoes and head for Killarney National Park- amazing. (I'm paternal Kerryman so I have to say that). Sounds like a great holiday.

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