Parkrun lowdown

Morning runners of the World ( what a great thought we really are spread over the planet )

I thought I would give the lowdown on being a virgin parkrunner yesturday for those that might have seen my previous blog about my nerves....

1. I didn't come last. I came 225th with a time of 33.5, not my best but blimey there was a huge hill all the way to half mark, but I didn't stop!! Leon my 11 year old lad however came 127th with a time of 27 mins. As soon as we left he just ran off in a flash of blue grinning away and checking his Garmin for his pace!! At one point though I was running so slowly up a really steep bit that this woman was walking it quicker than me!!!

2. No one unnerved me, in fact they were SOOO friendly and couldn't have been nicer. I was slightly unnerved by the really serious runners at the front ( the sort that wear those fancy running glasses and look very focussed)

3. No one laughed at us, the volunteers were really encouraging to keep us all going.

4. Husband was actually very impressed and put himself and my lovely 8 year old Amarissa at strategic points to cheer us on and take videos ( not very palatable watching them, seeing myself covered in sweat and staggering along puffing). At one point he said he didn't recognise me, I have lost a fair ammount of weight and my body is so different and toned now ( he was impressed). That made my day.

5. I did have trouble with bodyfluids ( not got the special gloves yet...??!) , forgot tissue :(

6. I didn't collapse.....hooray!!!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their parkruns wherever you are. We will definately be going back especially now as leon is determind to win for his age group!!

Happy Sunday running everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend



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24 Replies

  • Thanks Julia - been wondering how you got on. Sounds like you and the whole family enjoyed it, which is great!

    Well done to your son for being a speedy Gonzales and I think your time was pretty good too.

    Are you doing it again?

  • Thankyou so much, and yes we will definately do again, Leon hasn't stopped talking about it. :)

  • Excellent - well done. :) Great that it was so friendly and that you enjoyed the whole experience (especially with the family support). And congrats to Leon - great time!

  • Thankyou, he is already planning on how to improve for next time!!

  • Well done, it all sounds an awesome adventure. So very special that it was a family affair too :) Great times for you! Congratulations, both :D

  • Thankyou, and yes we all enjoyed it although husband is complaining of sore legs as he had to dash to the spots to see us!!!

  • Well done Julia,I didn't want to tell you too much about the hill on the way out, but it seems you took it all in your stride and a great time too. Well done :) Maggie

  • Ha ha I know, its an absolute killer, but luckily we have a few hills here in Cleeve and we make a point of doing them, which I have to say I'm really glad I do. Thankyou :)

  • Forgot to say you can show your club as NHS Couch to 5K on the parkrun site.

  • You forgot the tissue!!?!!

    I hope you feel really proud, and what a great time too! I knew husband would be proud, and what an amazing role model you are being to Leon, and Amarissa. A special well done to Leon for his cracking time, and hope he achieves his goal one day of winning in his age group!

    Well done Julia :)

  • Thankyou and yes he is very focussed on improving for next time! Yes even though I love lists I have always been the mum that forgot the nappy, milk, wipes etc! I am hopeless. ;)

  • Don't know what happened to my first reply, gone to cyber space I think! But "I TOLD YOU SO" no Parkrun runner would laugh at you, Parkrun virgin no longer, yippee and well done both of you, great times. I'm very pleased that nearly all went well, well I mean, lists made, lists checked off and still you forgot the all important tissue, tut tut ;) So when is the next one?

  • Thankyou, and yes we will be doing one again very soon, it was a great experience :)

  • Well done! I knew you'd enjoy it. An excellent time too. Well done to Leon too. Perhaps you can get the rest of the family involved? ;)

  • Thankyou, good idea, I think my daughter would love it!

  • Well done. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Wow - with a time like that you were never going to be last (well not at any parkrun I've looked at results from)!!!

    Well done for taking the plunge and I'm sure you'll be hooked now! And now your husband can see how much good C25K has done for you perhaps he'd like to try it as well?

    Now you can start making your list for next Saturday - and we all know what will be at the top :-D

  • Ha ha thankyou thats made me smile ;)

  • Well done Julia. I am yet to run my first parkrun despite the closest starting no more than 5 minutes walk from my front door. Next week is my planned first outing. You have provided that extra bit of encouragement to just go and do it. I'll let you know how it goes. Well done again. James

  • Thats so fab, I think you will just love it. Go for it, and let us know how you got on :)

  • Brilliant blog, Julia. Well done to both of you - really good times, especially with a big hill stuck in the middle. :)

    Glad it went so well (tissues excepted!)

  • Thanks Greenlegs ;)

  • Congratulations to you and Leon. Good times AND a big hill, all that training paid off! Park Run is great it's so much more than just a run in the park if you join in.

    Well done again to you both.

  • Thankyou and yes it seems great :)

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