Week 3

Hello, this is my first post.  It may sound crazy but I have been running around my very large lounge as the outdoors in Egypt is not conducive to running - terrible traffic and pollution, lots of staring at foreigners, very uneven or non-existent pavements.  I feel too self-conscious to go to the gym, its full of skinny people!  Guess at some point I am going to have to brave either the outdoors or a gym - due to circumstances buying a treadmill right now isn't going to work. Today I felt a bit dizzy after the 3 minute runs (going round in circles!).  So far I haven't really struggled, does this mean I should step up the pace? I am frightened of going faster and injuring myself as I have had problems with achilles tendon in the past.  Not easy to go faster inside either!  Does running around the lounge count as running?!  It is definitely light jogging but I don't feel that out of breath.  


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7 Replies

  • It counts as running wherever you do it.  I'd personally keep it slow.  If you have extra juice at the end run the last bit a little faster.

    And don't worry about the gym.  The first time or two it can be intimidating, but everyone is there to do their own thing.  Headphones on, and away you go.

    Outside would be great though.  Is there anyone you could run with or anyplace you could go where the running would be pleasant?  Sometimes it's nice to go out of your neighborhood for your weekend run.

  • Is there a sportsclub or school with a running track you could use/pay to use? Otherwise under the circumstances I would try the gym.

  • I can't comment about running in Egypt, but I've run outside in Hong Kong, China, Cambodia and Singapore without problem (I'm a UK native). I tended to run early morning to avoid the worst of the heat. I won't say it was incident free. In Hong Kong I got told off for running too fast (it was a "jogging" track) and in Cambodia I collected a police escort, complete with motorcycle outriders on one occasion.

    I tended to find that the general response was for the locals to ignore me or to to look somewhat bemused. They were always friendly, though. Try a run outside - you'll amaze yourself.

  • No wonder you're dizzy! Are there any clubs you could run with? 

    No need to feel self conscious about the gym - it's for everyone. 

    Keep going!

  • Are you in a compound? If so, ask them to set up a running track? With lights so you can run at night when it is cooler?

  • I had a female friend who used to run outside in Riyadh in Saudi. Not an easy thought. She used to run very early in the morning around 5am and wore very baggy joggers and t shirt and a baseball cap. Once she became more accustomed to the heat she also ran in the day time. Luckily she had very short hair so she was probably mistaken for a boy. In Riyadh I also used to jog early in the morning but I kept to the huge hospital carpark......then went back to bed for an hour or so!

  • Thanks for everyone's kind responses and ideas. Definitely lots to consider :)

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