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Momentum to start over..

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I got to W4R1 in June - it wasn't a great run, it rained, where I was trying to run was too crowded, I struggled... the next day I came down with what I thought was a cold which became a virus and knocked me off work for a week and another 4 weeks before I had enough energy to do much at all (maybe that's why I struggled on the run...).

Then holiday in August......

So here I am in September, I think I just need to get back to week 1 or 2 and build up again. So, tomorrow .... urgh... it will be better when I get back to it right?

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Hi Chocs_away, every reason to start doing the c25k plan again got to W4 in June so you know the plan works... and how good you felt about doing it.

Where do you feel you should start the could do one Wk 1 run, then next time if that felt ok do a Wk2 run and see how that feels... take it from there.

Is there a flatish park or a different route to last time that you can run. Take the running sections nice and steady and enjoy that feeling of success as you complete each run.

Good luck and keep posting.😊

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Welcome back! Embrace the journey with a positive mental attitude. You can do this and you are Sooooooooo......going to enjoy it 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻👍🏼

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Welcome back.... here we are:)

Why not. as Bluebirdrunner suggests, start out know the form.. take it slowly... relax, knowing you can do this:)

This is a great time to start... cooler, still light in the morning, ( early runs are great)... the colours of the season and us to help you along...:)

What are you waiting for:)

When I restarted the programme after I had previously got to week 8 then had surgery, I started again slowly at Week 1 but just did one run from each week until I got to about Week 4, then got back on track using all three runs. You'll soon know where you should slot in. Good luck and well done for coming back.

It's really worth finding a route that suits even if you have to have a short drive to get there. Or choose a quiet time if possible.

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Thanks everyone. Did week 2 today, my lovely husband came out with me and when we passed a lady dog walker she called out to encourage me to keep going 😀

Quite tiring but finished it all. I think I need another week 2 run, then I'll push on again. I've got my eyes set on joining my husband at a park run before the end of the year.

I travel so much for work (and consequently eat far too many nice dinners) end up having to fit in runs in various places, so it was a route misjudgement last time for sure, on top of other factors. But this is one of the reasons I want to run - can do it wherever I am and also see more than the inside of hotel rooms!

Well done chocs_away...getting out of the door is sometimes the hardest part, now you have a plan to follow.

Good luck with your next run😊...

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