An Awesome Way to Conclude Week 8

An Awesome Way to Conclude Week 8

Yippee - I concluded the third run of week 8 on a beach today morning in Santa Cruz. (Travelling to US this week on business travel to attend an internal conference) 

What an experience it was to conclude the week 8 run along the coastline listening to the waves striking the shore. I could run 28mins but was a bit slower running on the sand as compared to running on the road. My legs were all jelly by the end of the run - as running on sand takes more effort.

It was a special run that I will remember. And I am very happy to take up running because it helps me connecting to nature no matter wherever I am 

I am writing this post from San Francisco airport waiting for my flight back home to UK in a couple of hours.  

Look forward to arriving home tomorrow afternoon and onwards to graduation runs next week! 

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  • Stunning..... slow, steady and keep on running!

    Week 9, may not look so impressive, but it will be awesome! Onwards and upwards!

  • Fabulous! Well done!

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