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Had to restart week 8 πŸ˜•

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After initially starting week 8 and managed 2 runs I've had to restart week 8. The first run was great and I was actually surprised how well I managed it but the second run nearly finished me off! I struggled so much! I had to keep stopping, myvdog kept getting in the way and then got an awful stitch and ended up coming home and then kind of gave up. On restarting week 8, I have to say I totally smashed the first run and am hoping to do the same with the second run this afternoon; wish me luck!

9 Replies
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Just take it slow and steady, you'll smash it.

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Mscott1979 in reply to LeeU

Thanks! I'm just about to head out shortly. Hopefully I manage this one!

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MimirossiGraduate in reply to Mscott1979

Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Let us know how it goes!

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Best of luck. Don't worry about it, you'll do great. I had to repeat a good few runs too. Your so close to the graduation finish line. Enjoy your next 4 runs after today.

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Good luck for the run this afternoon and let us know how you got on 😊😊

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Just checking, you've done three week 8 runs? On to week 9 I say.

I done it 😁😁 I'm so pleased with myself lol I had to stop twice as I had the dog with me and I have her trained to stop when crossing roads lol but that was the only time I stopped. Ejvcruns technically I've done 3 seek 8 runs but because I struggled so much with 2nd run the first time round I thought it would be better to repeat the week. Can't believe I've only got 4 more runs left, i never thought I would be able to do it!

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MimirossiGraduate in reply to Mscott1979

Well done! You are so close now!

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Slow and steady and move on gently..if you are struggling just slow down more:)

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