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Week 8

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Hi everyone!

Today I have completed the final run of week 8. Third time running for 28 minutes however, I must say it was the most difficult run so far!

And so I’m wandering why, as I coped well with last two runs!?

Do you think I should repeat week 8 altogether (although I’ve completed each run) or should I take a day Off between my runs (although I don’t feel tired or overworked

) ?

Many thanks x

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Why is the question! Even the pro marathon runners get a run that’s inexplicably tough. If you find the reason this happens, don’t tell anyone until you’ve written the book about it, you’ll make a fortune.

Sometimes a run just sucks... if you get through that run that’s a huge bonus. The next run is usually much much smoother.

You’ve completed the week... move on to the next. I’d only repeat a run that I didn’t complete.

Great job getting to week 9... enjoy closing this plan out.

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pzawa in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for the encouragement! I shall do just that and carry on! :)

Hi. I am at same stage and found w8R3 hard going today. I do wonder if it’s the fact we are running longer times each run with no stops. I am very new to running and I am sure more experienced runners will give some advice too. But from what I have been reading there’s no need to repeat if you have done the week and all the runs but rest days in between are advised. I have read you shouldn’t run on consecutive days as a new runner. Good luck with wrk 9. Nearly there

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pzawa in reply to Wimborne

Ditto! We’re nearly there!!!! I was putting my trouble to the fact that it was pretty warm today and I was running in the sun... but that’s just me speculating ;)

Ps I always have a day off between my runs.... I was only considering having two instead of just one , so that my body can recover better...

it’s great to know I should just carry on!

And so should you!! Good luck :) xx

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Wimborne in reply to pzawa

I think your speculating is spot on. I usually run early evening but today had to go out about 3pm. It was boiling hot for me and had the bright red sweating tomatoe look again which has become one of my favourite looks. So yes it was the sun 🌞 Good luck for this week.

Difficult runs often come when we’re not expecting them. Don’t over analyse, just have a think what may have been different - timing, weather, hydration (especially hydration getting that wrong can cause all sorts of effects) and move on.

You have to have a not so good one to enjoy the good ones more 😀

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Don't worry pzawa you did it. We're not robots so sometimes our bodies just don't fancy it but your mind got you through. Certainly not a problem to take more than one days rest as the workload increases. Good luck with graduation week!!

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Morning, and well done getting so far in the program. I may have misunderstood but I always have a 'rest day' between runs, as the program advises, sometimes two. ( though I cycle, hike or swim on the 'rest days')But yes, certainly agree that sometimes a run is tough and sometimes you surprise yourself and its easier than expected. I would have a non-running day or maybe two then try the next run as the program suggests and see how you get on. I rarely repeat weeks, though sometimes repeat a particular run. (I'm on week 5 but I have done the whole program some years ago and kept at it for a long time - life just gets in the way sometimes) Good luck, you'll soon be on the graduates list .

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Hi, I had the exact same thing with week 8. Did run 2 midweek & absolutely loved it. Felt that I was easily ready for week 9 & really looking forward to it. Did run 3 on Friday & it was absolutely awful. I felt like I was running through glue & my legs really ached. I plan to start week 9 today though. I figured we are always going to have runs that aren't so great & the fact is we still completed the run even though it was hard-which is an amazing achievement in itself. So I say move on to week 9, only 3 more runs & it's graduation time!!!!!! Did you think 9 weeks ago you would be running 30 mins? I certainly didn't 🤣

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pzawa in reply to Bear7

Nope- i actually remember my first 5 minute run! I was so grateful for the breaks in between back then ;) and now look at us! Running for consecutive 30 minutes - amazing!

Good luck at our final week!! X

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