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week 8 done!!

I've just finished week 8 and this morning's run (in rain and mist, I just love the north b east coast!!) was fine. I'm not running very fast, and today I measured my run on Google maps and it came out at just shy of 3km in 28 minutes. Do I need to speed up or just work on completing the full time period?? I don't have anything like a smart phone that i can use so i have to log my runs when I get home.

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whoops a typo!! it's not b north east coast, i love it really. Just getting a bit fed up of constant sea fret, N/NE winds and drizzle. It's supposed to be summer.


Hi Greylady, don't worry about the speed. It's just about moving constantly for the target time.

So week 9 next, and then graduation. :)

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Hi there you are only 3 runs from the finsh line now!! Wow - celebrate how far you've come - I'm hoping to graduate next week too so we can cheer each other !! 👏👏👏


YES...I'll be out there applauding you Indizulu!!


No speeding up - slow and steady is the object at this stage. Once you are running confidently for 30 minutes you can start working on your speed. Not many of us managed 5k in 30 minutes at graduation - and quite a few of us never have!

Enjoy week 9 and plan something great for your graduation run!


Just take it at your own pace, slow and steady...when you finish, you should be able to run comfortably for 30 mins.. distance is not an issue.. :)

Very well done indeed.. Week 9 here you come! :)


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