Week 5 - awesome!

Its amazing how much you can change your body's endurance in just three days of running. Week 4 was hell for me. the first 2 days SUCKED, then I did an extra day. The next two days were still tough but I was able to get through it without walking when I wasnt supposed to.

W5R1 was amazing. It seemed easier also. Every 5 minute run was a peice of cake. I'm actually excited to start day 2 now with the 8 minute run. Then.....dum dum dum.. the 20 minute run with no walks. We'll see how the next run goes for me. I can't wait.


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6 Replies

  • Fantastic! Well done, you! This fills me with hope as I'm doing W5R1tomorrow and as you know I struggled with W4.

  • Let me know how it goes! After being stuck in week four, week 5 seems like a breeze now. I did my first 8 minute runs today and it was so easy, I cant beleive how much I progressed from week four onto today! Good luck! I hope it went well for you!

  • Hi, firstly, well done you! I've really struggled with the first two runs of week 4 too....my legs just felt like lead, glad I'm not alone finding this week a bit of a struggle, although still looking forward to my last run of week 4, things can only get better right? I'm really loving this programme, I used to run before I had my two sons but would wonder why on earth I was doing it lol...so glad I found this c25k...and this site! :o)

  • Its awesome isnt it? At the start, week 2 was a little hard for me to do, just running a minute and a half and I was winded. Today I ran for 8 minutes twice with a 5 minute walk in between, no problem. Keep it up though. When you're huffing and puffing and wanting to stop, just think the next time you do it will be just a little easier each time :)

  • I've getting ready for W5 R3 tonight... W5R2 was great fun, I really enjoyed the 2 8 min runs and completed them with no trouble..

    Wish me luck - 20 mins seems a big jump up in time - but if Laura thinks I can do it - I'll give it a damn good go!

  • Im doing that in 2 days! I keep looking at it on my ap. Run for 20 minutes....WITHOUT STOPPING ommggg. How did it go for you???

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