I did it! Ran 5k! I'm so proud! Has anyone else experienced palpitations while running?

Hi peeps :-)

So on one hand I'm so very pleased with myself for making it to the end of the training! :-D

But for the first time in the whole program I experienced palpitations whilst running, twice (flip-flop sensation). I didn't get any chest pain and felt fine after the run. I had had strong coffee a few hours before hand but other than that can't think of any other reason for them. It's not something I get that often. Maybe I'm just tired as in bed now & happened again. 

It's probably nothing to worry about but just wondered if anyone experienced similar? 

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  • Well done - its a great feeling of achievement! Keep running :) 

  • Awesome job accomplishing a 5K run!!  Congratulations.

  • Good work. I've experienced palpitations when I was anaemic, when my thyroid was overactive and generally when I drink strong coffee. If it happens again or even when you are not exerting yourself, it might be worth speaking to your doctor about it. 

  • Well done!

    I'm thinking you have done the nine week programme?

     Have you had anything like this in your life before running:) I would have said initially, maybe too fast, too hard, ( what time did you run it in) ? The caffeine could have triggered it...but if it was a few hours before...

    If you were still experiencing this in resting mode, as you say, I would certainly get it checked out. There will be folk on here who have probably go more advice too.

    It would put your mind at rest anyway?

  • usually palpitations are nothing to worry about but beat to get it checked x

  • Congratulations on the 5K! Re: the palpitations I also suffer from them. I was diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Complex which sound scary but is not life threatening. An echo showed that my heart is structurally fine with no blockages etc so I am not at any more risk than any other healthy person. The 'episodes' can last for anything up to 15 mins and then I won't have one for months. I am telling you this to encourage you to get yourself checked out as you will probably find you're fine (you can run 5K for heavens sake!) and you can stop worrying. I find that I sometimes have them when I am running (I'm on W6 on Monday) and knowing what is happening means I don't worry and can concentrate on the lovely music choices Laura has made 😂. Good luck!

  • Well done. You must get them checked out. Palpatstions at rest are nothing to worry about but during exercise should be checked out always.  Don't worry but i eould check them out before you go running again. Well done by the way on the run !

  • Congratulation on your first 5k -it's something to be really proud of and something you'll never forget. 👏👏👏

     As for the palpitations, I'd get them checked out. It'll probably turn out to be nothing but it's always best to be sure.

  • Thank you everyone :-) 

    I have had them at rest loads of times in the past. So I wasn't entirely freaked out by them. I just thought it was extra weird that they happened while I was running as I've never had any during exercise before. I had an ecg done a few years ago because of something else and it was fine. In 2009 at hospital I was found to have a heart murmur but was told it was innocent / benign and so nothing to worry about. So I'm not overly worried but I'll give the docs a call next week just to see if they think I should get checked over. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced. Thanks :-) 

  • Congrats on the run! I'd get the palpitations checked out for peace of mind. Probably nothing to worry about but you will anyway until a professional tells you nothing to worry about. 

  • Congratulations! I don't know how old you are but I got palpitations while exercising when I was going through the menopause. I got them checked out, and it was fine xx

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