Thank You and WK4R1 Complete!

I want to say thank you for kindly accepting my participation in this forum. After starting a free Run a 5K App, I stumbled upon this community. I wish I had known of this c25K first but I didn't and I don't like going backwards, so I have stuck with what I stared. I have been encouraged and accepted here even though I am on a different 5K training app. For that I am impressed and grateful. So, thank you for your graciousness, to all who have interacted with me and encouraged me.

My left femoris seems to be healed. I started back where I left off at WK4R1. I had to run slow but I completed it with energy to spare!

I had maintained a jogging program while nursing that femoris. As I felt improvement, I was able to jog & run some for 26 and then for 29 minutes nonstop. A huge threshold for me after struggling with 3:00 jogs!.

Today's Run a 5K training App workout called for:

Warm up 4:00

Run 4:00 walk 2:00

Run 5:00 Walk 2:00

Run 3:00 Walk 2:00

Run 3:00 Walk 2:00

Cool down 5:00

2.09 miles not including the extra 300 yards I did and the 1 mile to and from the track I walk each time.

During cool down today, feeling like I needed to do more, I decided to run at about 70% of all out for 220 yards. Wow! That felt wonderful! After that I did three 100 yard sprints at about 60% to 70% of my capacity. That's slow generally but for me it is a milestone at 22, 22, and 20 seconds.

(I know y'all use meters but I am on a track at a football field in America and the markings correspond to the goal lines at 100 yards. I am accustomed to the old high school distances of 100, 220, 330 and 440 yards so I still think in those terms.)

After these runs, I did two bleacher stairs, one single step at a time and one double step at a time. Just 29 steps but fairly steep.

I still wanted to do more! But, I stopped while could do so willingly.

If my body lets me, I will push like this Sunday, and Tuesday, then do normal on Thursday to be ready for Saturday's 5K Run at Climax Canyon in Raton, New Mexico. Lots of steep ascent on this trail. I am not racing obviously, but I would like to not be the last one to the finish line.


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11 Replies

  • It certainly sounds like you're on target for a good 5k run at the end of next week.

    Don't push too hard and aggravate that injury though.

  • Thank you B0bp - I really want to run that 5K. I will definitely  protect myself best I can so I can participate. I have never done anything like this and it means a lot to me.

  • Well done on completing your run and over coming your injury,

    Still be catious with your exercise and 5k run, dont risk your injury flaring up again 

    Hope the run goes well ☺

  • Thank you Slow_Rob -

  • Good luck with your training.

    Hope it goes well

  • gdcgray  -I'm a relative noob here but I've enjoyed reading your posts- you're clearly making huge strides- I wish you all the best for the 5K.

  • Thanks 90ldfinch :-)

  • Thank you GDC ! Its nice  having you here !

    Theres always a warm welcome on here for our friends across the pond ! :-)

    Youre doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug :-)

  • Well done in your training and all the best for getting race ready!

  • Thank you Jaxsy_runs!! 

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