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First Run after Graduation!!!!


So this morning I forced myself out of bed while hubby and dogs were still snoring well, and decided to go for early(ish!!!) morning run. 7.25a.m. saw me running into the sun, being blinded!! But I carried on along the main road out of the town and into the countryside towards the nearest village about 2 miles away. I tried it once before I graduated and gave up half way. Well this time I did it and then I ran back too!!!! I ran a total of 45 minutes!!!! 5.5 km!!!!! I've done it guys, I've run 5k. Now I can prove that couch to 5k really does work. In February when I started I couldn't run for 60 seconds and now look........ I'm a runner. Oh yea, even if you run in the early morning guys, don't forget the sun cream!!!!! Got a pink face now Doh!!!!! xxxx

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Well done and fast too!😃

Cola65Graduate in reply to lexi6

Not sure it's very fast really lexi6, but at least I managed to carry on, for the 5k, that was my aim really. Will probably stick to half an hour runs for a while and just try to speed up on that. I'm still struggling really, it's sheer will power that kept me going.... and pride!! Lol, I was just about to finish the run but saw somebody I know, so I kept going to prove I was a proper runner and not stop to talk!!! Ha, ha.

Congratulations Cola ... it’s a great achievement...

Cola65Graduate in reply to Grimreaper

Thanks Grimreaper!!


Very well done.

Keep smiling.🌟🏃‍♀️👏👏

Cola65Graduate in reply to Tbae

Thanks Tbae!! Am smiling like a Cheshire cat at the moment tbh!!!


Many congratulations.

have you read the guide to post C25k running it may be helpful.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Cola65Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Lol yes IannodaTruffe I read it when I came back and logged on to write my post. It was really interesting, I am going to aim to do 30 mins twice in the week and try 5k on a Sunday. See how I get on with that for a while. Today was more about seeing how far I could go without stopping and not looking at the time..... Won't be doing that too often though!!! Not for a good while yet. Lol.


Well done! I can't wait for this day 😁 I can feel your excitement 😊

Cola65Graduate in reply to Kar43

I've got to admit Kar43, it does feel pretty good, I thought I'd never get there to be honest. Keep going, you'll get there too!!!

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