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Week 2 Run 2 done

Have just completed week 2 run 2 - was probably the trickiest I've found it yet. Saying that, it wasn't 'bad' and I wasn't close to stopping, just didn't find it as enjoyable as previously. Didn't seem too out of breath along the way even though I've got a rotten sore throat and cold since last Thursday so I'm putting that down as a win! Just hoping the novelty's not wearing off as this is what I can be like with things - I get overexcited and then get bored and give up or move onto something else. Hoping this forum will keep me at it!

Onwards and upwards!

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Please don't give up. You've done the hardest bit by starting and you don't want to go backwards. This is the best thing you'll ever do for your health and sanity so keep at it, slowly but surely. You're the only one who can stick with it and succeed. You can do it.

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I gotta admit lots of things go through my head when I run such as "Why am I doing this??" "Can I stop now please??" but the good feelings come from completing it, knowing that you're improving and running for longer. You'll see as you get through the weeks that you'll just be amazed at what you can do ;)

You could spice it up a bit by trying a different route, somewhere you've never been, ("Ooh what's down this road?") even if you gotta drive there first!

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Well done on completing the run! 

You should know that most people have good runs and bad runs, whether starting out or seasoned runners.

Also, most people have their inner gremlins chatting away as bebabeba has said. Mostly the battle is with your mind. For me, I had to keep remembering how good it feels to have been out for a run, even if the run itself wasn't enjoyable. As you progress into the programme, the runs change, which may help with boredom (and mix up your routes as bb has said). If you are able, try running o different surfaces as well- grass / trail / road-pavement- helps mix it up.

As IP says, you have started, and you are totally capable of completing the programme and then running as much as you want to. As you progress into the longer runs you are likely to really notice the difference in your confidence and in your body.

Of course, you can stop a run anytime and have another go next outing. Also, of course, you can give up the whole C25K show. It's only you who is driving you forward to complete it. But you don't want to give up really- it feels absolutely wonderful when you get to W5R3 and complete it- that's better than graduating from uni, believe me! :)

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Thanks all! I do want to keep going with it as exercise has always been something that I've hated and been bad at so it will be one of my biggest achievementa if I stick with it and get right through! I posted purely because I knew I'd get some replied with great reasons to keep going! W2R3 tomorrow! :)


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