Setting a good example!

pleased to report my running has set a good example to my youngest(just turned 11) computer loving son. He is now mid way on wk 5 all by himself! Didn't think he would stick to it but he is very keen and think I will break my 'no less than 30 minute run 'rule to accompany him on his wk 5 r3! Sadly my two teenagers are not so keen😩 but hopefully they will see the light!


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  • That is brilliant! I have 2 grown up sons who are very active, but not runners really..but since I did the London Marathon they have both signed up to Autumn half marathons! It is very satisfying to inspire your own children to take up something you love, well done.  

  • Wow...well done your son! :)

    It was my daughter and son-in-law who got me started! :)

  • That's brilliant! 

    My three boys (6 - 9) all want to come with me (youngest girl is too young) but I have said no ('meany daddy' is usually the response). I think it would be great....until it isn't, and one of them gets bored or kicks one of the others etc. You know, boys and all.

    I did consider doing the c25k again in my non-run days but decided with good advice not too. I might encourage them to do it and I will just walk the dogs...

    The other point they don't get (and I wouldn't dream of telling them) is that working from home means running is a form of 'me' time :-).

  • yeah 'me time' is vital! Keep on being a meany ! Walking the dogs with them would be good though during the shorter runs anyway!

  • I tried running with my son (12 years), but I prefer running alone.

  • I run alone too but pleased he has been going out by himself! Only going to try to encourage him through the first 20 min run then he's on his own again!

  • Sounds like a really good approach... to run the same program but not necessarily together. I'll suggest that to my son.

  • I love running with my nephew; at 8, his legs are still short enough for me to beat him... 😆 

    Not for much longer though...

  • That's brilliant news, heavyhorse! I think C25K should be taught in schools - it would be so beneficial and confidence-building for children.

  • you are so right, it would be much more inclusive and inspiring than team games especially for those kids who always get picked last...

  • In my children's school, all kids and teachers run 1 km every morning from mid April to mid September. It's outdoor but they call it løbebånd (treadmill). The 15 minutes it takes are well spent. In the wintertime they substitute running with reading. Everybody is quiet and reads their own books for 15 minutes. They call that læsebånd (readmill).

  • great idea!

  • I love that idea!

  • That's wonderful! Congratulation to your boy and well done to you for having inspired him!

  • Well done. Wish my 2 would come with me. My 16 yr old son tried but being 6'6 he ended up walking at my ' running' speed. He has super long legs. My 13 yr old daughter just looks at me like I'm bonkers!!!

  • Well done heavyhorse! Great age to start running! 

  • That's great. Kids really need something to balance all the screen time they have. I like that Danish idea of dtarting the school day with a run. We used to walk an hour to school which I suppose had a similar effect. Well done inspiring your son.

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