Really down...anyone else had to stop for a long period and started again?

Just reading through posts and seeing people completing week 5 and 6 has really gutted me as I've got to stop half way through week 6 for at least 2 weeks because of ankle sprain. I feel really down today as I just can't see or feel it getting any better and am worried that all my hard work will be a waste. It was such an achievement for me to get to wk 6 and I was so proud of myself. Gutted. Sorry, wallowing in self pity........Has anyone else had to stop like this and been able to start again? Should I start at wk 6 or go back to wk 5? I will be swimming for next 2 weeks to keep some form of exercise up, but I want to be completing wk 6!!!!! Boo.


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  • No you don't sound like your wallowing in self pity , it's natural to feel like that . I know because I've been out of action 6wk tomorrow (tendon in ankle ) & I feel like you . I'm going to start all over again when I can run again because by then it will be at least 2 months . Others on here will advise you where to start back because I'm not sure . Just wanted to say keep your chin up & try to do some core strengh excercise while your out of running . Wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Hope you're back to full fitness soon Rockette. Good luck and keep in touch.

  • thanks so much, and hope you are better soon xx

  • You could look at it another way. If you're down, it shows that you are really into running and are keen to get / stay fit. Many have had to stop and if you check previous threads you'll see what some of them do. Some say go back 1 run or 2 and others will say just see how you feel when you restart. Many of us didn't finish in 9 weeks and the programme encourages you to take your time, rather than risk being injured again and again. Swimming will help you when you start back again.

  • I know I need to put a positive spin on this, thanks x

  • I feel for you, kutch. Swimming is a good idea for keeping up your fitness. Do you have to rest your ankle completely or could you begin with some walking and build from there?

    Your running up till now won't be wasted, as your overall fitness levels will have improved. I know it's not the same thing at all, but I was out of action for 3 weeks due to a cold/work/family/excuses/bad weather/I'd rather eat chocolate/bad attitude! and was really worried about getting back. I've managed 2 runs this week, really slow and much less than 5 k (actually less than 4k!!). But I found that my body seemed to know what to do and I quickly got back into the rhythm. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be back on track once your ankle heals.

    Take care of yourself and good luck for a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you, good to know you've got back to it x

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling down, but look at the positives when you get back to running you'll be fighting fit.

    You do have to listen to your body and with an ankle sprain it's best to rest it for it to get better. Like you I had to stop running due to a hamstring injury. I haven't really got back into the C25k and I stopped at Week 8, run 2.

    The programme obviously means a lot to you and you will finish, it'll just take a wee bit longer. I started on the 2nd Nov 2013 I am yet to finish, but I will. When you get back continue from where you left off, that's my plan.

    Be kind to yourself.


  • thank you for your lovely words xxx

  • I'm sorry you have had to temporarily stop - it is so frustrating but you are far from alone in having a break forced on you, so many of us know how you feel. Feel free to have a wail and gnash of teeth!

    The positives of your frustration is that you are really into running!

    I've had to stop at the start of week 9 to have my gall bladder out - so close to graduation I could smell the champagne :) Keep reading and posting - that will help keep you in touch and back into it as soon you can.

  • Oh bless you, what a nightmare! That must be so frustrating. Massive best wishes for your op and speedy recovery xx

  • Hello kutch70 and Rockette

    I reached week 7 then had to stop with a twisted ankle. I was initially in denial about it, made it worse and ended up being out for a very frustrating 9 weeks.

    When I felt able to resume, I started with week 4 run 3 and found that ok, so I moved on to week 5 run 3. Although it felt manageable, I decided to stick with week 5 run 3 for a couple of weeks, just to make sure my ankle was ok and to get back into the routine of running 3 times per week.

    I subsequently moved on to week 6 run 1 and followed the rest of the programme from there.

    The knock-on effect of an injury will not be the same for everyone and obviously advice from a medically qualified person should take precedence over my experience. I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel. I was worried the effort I had put in to the programme had been lost and I would be back at square one. This wasn’t the case, however, and I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I had retained from the initial 7 week stint.

    Good luck getting back into the programme when the time comes.

  • Thanks for this advice dougb5 I was going to start at wk 1 but I think I'll try what you did & see how I go . I was going to do programme again & support my daughter who has shown interest but now she's changed her mind , I think seeing me hobbling round as put her off lol . Won't be doing it yet though till I can walk better .

  • Thank you, this is really encouraging. My "support" trainers arrived today so I'm hoping I'll be back running sooner rather than later. Gonna probably try from wk 5 I think if its sooner and hope for the best xx Got to try! And if I fail, wk 4. Thanks to everyone, am now feeling much more positive that I can still do this.

  • Hi, i have had to stop for a couple of week twice and was really worried that i would lose all my fitness especially as i'm starting from a pretty low fitness level to start with, you'll be surprised, i was, that a couple of weeks out made no difference and probably helped me to feel that this was my choice to keep going and i could do it! Well done, keep running and keep posting....

  • thanks Natalie, thanks to yours and everyone's lovely words, am really feeling much better. Fingers crossed, this time in 2 weeks I'll be posting about running again xx

  • Oh no, Kutch! I think you and I were doing the same bits of the programme at the same time. I really hope you're back running again soon. I have to go into hospital for a fairly minor procedure in a couple of weeks, but which may mean I can't run for a week or so, and I'm dreading it! But it does mean that there might be someone else who started at the same time as you finishing at the same time. We can support each other through it!

  • Thank you so much, everyone's been so lovely. I really hope everything goes ok for you. Off for a swim in the morning!

  • Hi YOU,

    Don't you worry, just start from where you stopped and you will be fine!

    I did not stop when I was training to be a Graduate but I have stopped twice along the way for two different reasons. I stopped for about 2 months as soon as I graduated and then trained a bit and did my RfL under 35 minutes. Then again I had to stop for 3 months and started again recently and ran the 5K again under 35 minutes. I was surprised how the fitness that I have gained has stayed so long with me. See whether you can start from where you stopped but don't do it if you find it hard. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to finish the course within a certain time frame. You are already much above the others who did not even think of getting out of the Couch! Good luck girlfriend, you can do it!

  • Thank you! I'll give it a go, watch this 10 days or so!

  • Sorry to hear that. I think we were at the same part of the programme. I'm sure you'll be fine with swimming, because the water will support your ankle. Just pick up from where you left off, and see how it goes. Someone else might be on the same week as you too. Good luck.

  • thx Ruby, been wallowing, starting swimming prog properly and going to try running again nxt wk x

  • Don't panic I left it two months and could still run 25 minutes now I'm on the 30's..oh and meanwhile I did nothing! With swimming you'll be keeping it up, you will do great when you get back out there just remember you can do it :)

  • oh that's good to know thx! xx

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