W1R2. Back on the wagon after almost 2 years

Determined to stay on the wagon now I've fought my way to better mental health, after a long bout of depression (for now at least!).

Completed my second run this afternoon, this time I'm starting on a treadmill at home, no excuses about weather and temperature, I set up in front of the TV and watch Mcgyver or Star Trek or something. I find this great to concentrate on, it distracts from any discomfort.

Currently I'm walking at 4.5 speed and jogging at 5.0 - 5.5.

I'm finding my legs aren't recovering very quick, from walking as well as running, and there is pain or discomfort in the calves every day anyway, I wake roughly 10 or more times through the night, so that's probably why.

Anyway, super happy to have started again, hope to be back on Friday for run 3


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16 Replies

  • Welcome back and well done on overcoming depression, no mean feat :) getting into the running does create aches and pains! Having only run outside I'm not familiar with the speeds etc, but maybe slow it down until you build strength? You can also have more rest days too. Take it easy and enjoy, you've done the hard bit - starting!!

  • Thank you both for the warm encouragement and welcome :)

  • Well done for starting. You'll soon be addicted :)

    Assuming mph not kph, your walking speed is very fast. Try slowing down if it's hard. Also waking 10 times per night is a worry. Have you told your doctor? I don't think it's why your calves hurt. Try taking an extra day or twos rest to see if your calves get less achey.

  • Yes it's mph :). I'm working on the sleep issues with my doctor, I have allergic rhinitis all year. The lack of sleep means almost every day I have calf and joint discomfort from walking each day. I'm just not getting enough quality sleep. It's been there since before the C25K unfortunately.

    I'm never quite sure what they mean by brisk walk. I'll try walking a little slower next time. I completed C25K in 2013, just lost motivation.

  • Welcome back - and good luck with the programme!

  • Just a thought, but maybe you're doing the walks too fast? I recently did some run-walks with a shorter colleague who also walks at an unbelievable speed. My calves were just aching trying to keep up to her. I know the couch to 5k asks for a brisk walk, but maybe try easing off a bit.

  • I am short too, so perhaps its a short person thing ;D I slowed down the walk to 3.5 and it is easier now, thanks.

  • Welcome back. I'm familiar with both depression and I am also a chronic insomniac with anxiety disorder. Quality sleep is hard to obtain. My average is 3 hours straight each night and then I'm tossing & turning the rest of the night.

    I agree with the others about slowing down. I also wear compression calf sleeves to help ease the pain and give support. My legs are less tired.

    Good luck in your comeback. :)

  • I feel for you, its hard when you keep waking. I've gone back on one set of tablets and now not waking so much anymore thank goodness.

  • Hi Mystical maid, if you've completed C25k before, you know you can do it again. All the best and keep us updated. We're all rooting for you

  • It seems easier this time than the first time, I've retained some of the learned lessons and am more familiar with my body now than in 2013. I joined a running club that tear too, so I'm hoping to join again when I make it back to 5k.

  • Well done. I'm on go three of the programme but due to various reasons had to stop after week 6. I'm now using this as a holding pattern as I won't be able to complete the programme until June. You will be ahead of me by then so maybe can encourage me to get back to it.

    Well done on the depressions battling - I've been there, fighting to stay away and I'm sure im not alone.

    Hats off to you

  • This time off will strengthen you anyway, before long you'll be chomping at the bit to do more :). Keep fighting the good fight, light is at the end of the tunnel.

  • Thanks for all the comments and support, I did slow down the walk and it is a easier to finish the runs. Also made a discovery when starting some Magnesium tablets for something else, my long term foot and calf issues disappeared overnight, so I must have been lacking it for some reason. Will mention it to Dr when I finally see him. ( this was before the next run after my post above so it made a huge difference to my run too)

  • Have a bath with epsom salts the days you run - (again magnesium), great for muscles and it may also help with sleep

  • Oh I'll have to try that. The sleep issues have faded now I'm back on certain prescribed medications, might have been withdrawal symptoms.

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