My first forest run

Inspired by JoolieB1 I ran in the forest yesterday. It was drizzling when I set off and I was taking it easy as the ground was slippery, however, rather humiliatingly I was over taken by a rather slim young chap on the first hill so I turned in a different direction to avoid watching him disappear into the distance. I ran through the trees where big refreshing rain drops fell on me cooling me down, and along empty paths where I could feel my clothes sticking to me and my hair dripping on my shoulders, what a wonderful carefree time I was having. Met a few dog walkers which my spaniel was happy about, but due to the weather the forest was very quiet (as I had been hoping it would be). Then on my return run two young females crossed my path, one with a blond pony tail swinging from side to side, both showing off impossibly long, tanned legs under their sprayed on shorts, both looking amazing, neither showing any signs of fatigue or difficulty. They galloped off in front of me, leaving me feeling very old and frumpy, again I changed direction, I don't need reminding that I look somewhat less fabulous in my old tracksuit bottoms. Feeling rather ancient I struggled up yet another hill, so played my power song Town Called Malice which always cheers me up, singing rather loudly I reached the brow of the hill to the applause of some dog walkers who were delightedly laughing at my out of tune crooning. At least I cheered them up! 

When I got back to the car park, I had run for 65 minutes, my longest run so far, but more importantly my first wet run, which I thoroughly loved. I shan't avoid light rain again. Oh, and my ipod recorded a distance of 10.62km although as this needs calibrating, this is only a rough guide. 


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8 Replies

  • Go you!  That sort of distance up trails in that sort of time is me on a good day so don't get upset about the antics of the bouncy young and "fit" brigade.

    Glad you cheered the dog walkers up!  :-)

  • "Bouncy young and fit brigade" must remember that one! That's exactly what they were.

  • Sounds like a great run and a very good time.  I nearly always run in the countryside on bridleways and trails. Good for the soul☺. As for running in the rain - the more you do it, the less it bothers you - and often it is just so invigorating! Great image of you singing 'Town Called Malice'as you climb the hill!☺

  • It made me wonder why I have avoided it for so long. I've been caught in drizzle mid run before, but never ventured out in it. This time I could have called it rain as it did keep coming on and off but once you're wet, it matters not what the weather throws at you.

  • Wow, I have never been an inspiration before LOL!  So happy that you felt having a running adventure was needed and it sounds like a great run too, brilliant.  I doubt you could ever tire out a Spaniel whatever you did.  The trees do provide shelter from the rain but also concentrate the water into larger drips!  I am struggling right now, think I've done something to upset my legs, probably skipping, because my calves sting every time I run.  Never mind, I will be back on it very soon

  • Oh, no.. don't you have a big race coming up soon?

  • Don't worry, I will be ok,mi have a 10k Race for Life in June.  It is a few weeks away so sure I will be fine, I will be extra sensible

  • Glad to hear that. I was thinking of you every time I jumped over a root or got hit by a branch I hadn't noticed. I do run on trails but the forest was a really fun experience, can't wait to do it again.

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