Week 9 run 2 done!

One more run to do! I ran a whole street further this time. I started off faster but slowed down after about 15 minutes and then picked up at the end. At exactly 30 minutes I got cramp in my foot so hobbled home on my cool down walk.

I passed a few runners and I agree with other bloggers that they are a miserable bunch who never acknowledge you or smile. All the dog walkers say hi. I passed a group of young boys and thought they would laugh at me but they just moved out of my way and treated me like a proper runner which perhaps I am!

Roll on Thursday and graduation!

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  • Yay! Nearly there, keep it up!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Well done :). I saw 2 runners out yesterday, both male both quite handsome I smiled at both of them and got smiles back - shame I looked like a red faced unfit runner haha!

  • Haha! The once I saw were women but maybe men are friendlier!

  • I've just done week 9 run 2 as well Daisy! But I think I must be lucky - I finally got up the courage to smile at my fellow runners tonight and each one smiled back - one even said "Hi!" (I however couldn't reply because I was so out of puff!!)

    Hope you find some friendly runners for graduation Thursday...

  • That's good! Maybe when I look like I'm running properly people will acknowledge me. Good luck with your final run :-)

  • Well done, I just did run 2 today too, there's a few of us at the same point it seems. I see the same girl everytime I go out running and despite smiling at her, she has never once acknowledged me.... Cannot understand some people. On the other hand, of the 10 or so runners I saw today, I reckon 6 smiled, nodded or said good morning so not too bad!

    Good luck for your graduation run! :)

  • I'm sure the ones that do acknowledge us must be friendly couch25k people! Good luck on your graduation run too :-)

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