Hmm, 10km here I come, ready or not!

Well today I've started on a 6 week training app to get from 5km to 10km hopefully! I graduated at the beginning of the year and have been running regularly with the 5k+ podcasts and some of my own runs and even did a couple of 7km runs recently! I was dithering about doing a local 10km event which was 2 weeks ago and have some regrets for not doing it now so I will be doing the 10km Race for life in July. 

Now I know how people feel when they say they've signed up for an event-it feels so much more real and gives less of a chance to 'chicken out' at the last minute. Especially as I've also gone public and let this lovely forum know!!

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  • Well done for taking the plunge ! Best of luck with the training plan, I am sure you will do it no problem. As others have said to me - just take it steady to avoid injury. All the best. 

  • Thanks skyhigh. And I totally agree with your tip about taking it steady 😀

  • Congratulations on taking the plunge!  Will follow your progress with interest, as I've registered for 10k in the Bournemouth Marathon Festival in October.  (*gulp*)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Great news about signing up for the Bournemouth 10km and I totally understand that *gulp*! I'll keep you posted as I'm sure these 6-8 weeks will go by pretty quickly!

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