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W7 - Here I come

I'm through W6 with no problems - except that it took a little longer than a week because I was away and working.

I've had a look through the following runs and no longer find them scary - W6R3 at 25 minutes caused no concern. I'm a bit surprised that it gets so repetetive from here on and I'm hoping that the reps will increase the speed and distance. I'm hoping to get t little nearer to the 5K by the end of the 9 weeks.

And then? Plans are afoot but that might need a different thread.

And how are my running mates doing?

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Well done. You will hopefully find it nice to be able to put together some consistent runs after the last couple of week of a different run at a time. Most weeks are the same run x3 so its not that different. You have really broken the back of this and it is just consistent running with a gradual increase and you will graduate before you know it.


Thank you for the encouragement. I'm looking forward to that.

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W7 was my favourite week. Love the long runs.


Congratulations on completing week 6! For me week 7 has been really difficult, definitely more of a mental challenge than a physical.

My advice: Keep running at the pace you have been and only try to speed up toward the end of the run !

I got over confident and tried to increase my speed too quickly!

Keep up the good work! Only 9 runs left!


Thank you for that tip. I was able to run properly (rather than the jog I am limited to for most of the run) for the last minute of my last run and hope to be able to extend that next time. I am able to run mostly on very level ground which must make a difference for me.


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