M, HM or 10KM on Rapa Nui


I have know about this since entering my 10km race - my understanding is you can enter for this after doing the race i am in. Not thinking M but 10km.

Reasons for doing it

1) we are going to go to Easter Island and what a great way to see the island so kills two birds with one stone

2)my partner might join me on the 10km.

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  • How about just doing it because you really really want to! Sounds fantastic!

  • I really do - just need to have a little think!!

  • What an opportunity to run in a location like that!

  • I know - its a once in a lifetime opportunity! Plus to run on easter island too wow. But i can still go for a run when i am there. Actually i will be going for a run

  • Woah Looks amazing.

    Good luck!

  • Not signed up - need to see what the oh thinks first - i think he might kill me - our list of things to do south america is so long. But it does kill two birds with one stone. Maybe 2016?

  • Go for it!

  • maybe in 2016

  • Looks fantastic - go for it !

  • its very tempting - i think for christmas and my birthday i might be asking for contributions fund the race

  • Looks great - fantastic way to sight see

  • i know it will be great - then i can bore people with when i ran on easter island......i haven't mentioned to family and friends because they won't understand

  • If you're already going there, then it's an opportunity too good to miss! (Should be typing this in green ink - I'm well jel, as they say :-)

  • i know its a fab opportunity - actually will be good to get out of the city for winter too

  • Do it - simples...

    If I read this right, it's June next year... enter the HM... you have almost a year to train, you'll have something to aim for and I bet (and I'll confirm in Feb) that the feeling of crossing the line of a HM will be beyond your wildest dreams... :)

    Of course, I am mad as a box of frogs (thank you TreeMouse) so of course the 10K would also be great... :)

    Do it though - whatever distance you choose!

  • I did say to my partner - if i ever say hm then hit me. Also the course looks very hilly 250m, that sounds hilly. That means i will need to start running to virgin mary statue - maybe 2016. we shall see.

  • Hi V, this I looks amazing - I watched the video and it is a hilly undulating course and many of the 10k times went into 2 hours but isn't it such a remote and beautiful island!

    The cost of the package at over ... Is that 2k dollars plus some, each! - is very high but includes all transfers accommodation food entry and a whole host of goodies and an iconic medal , party and traditional hospitality for 4 / 5 days it would be an incredible experience. I can imagine it's ridiculously hard weighing it up with a cosy holiday and running together 10k or. Half marathon .

    Either way it is time to get saving if you are going to Easter Island - it's beautiful :)

    Hope your legs felt fine today :)

  • We will be going - its just if this race features in it -cant not go really - we shall see i don't do hills and the times were very slow for M and HM so that means more years running experience. I might be going to easter island and doing my own jog around it at my leisure

  • That sounds perfect - I what to go visit!

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