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Week 2, Run 1 - so much for my private road

Slow slow, slow-slow, slow. That went okay, slowly.

Bank holiday Monday and so much for my secret private road. It seems everyone and their actual dog are down it; Mountain bikers, groups of hikers with poles, a scary mob of big-boys and (scarier) serious looking real runners. Where are all the supposed guard dogs? ? 

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I feel your pain! I have 'quiet cycle path' and farmers access road that I often use and yet yesterday, 8.45am, half the town seemed to be down it!!

Slow, slow is the way to go :)

Well done, despite the hordes :)


Ha ha.  There is a lovely tarmac path off road down to the waterworks at the end of our village and it should be running heaven, but it's absolutely overrun with hounds off leads and inconsiderate owners.  It's much safer to take my chances with the cars on the country roads instead - at least you can get out of their way.  I carefully trotted past a lady with two dogs last week, making sure I didn't excite the hounds.  When I was about 20 yards ahead, I felt myself being knocked forward and the largest dog, looked a bit like a wolfhound, was leaping up at my back and had its paws on my shoulders.  I was terrified.  The owner thought it was very amusing.  Grrrrr.

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Never mind - they probably won't be around next time.


Don't you just hate it when that happens ?  - Pah !

Never mind Steve, they will all hopefully naff orf after today and it will be returned rightfully to you to do with as you please :-)

I will send my pugs down for the next Bank Holiday , don't you worry about that xxx


They left when everyone else arrived! :)

Slow is the new fast...it is good. Could you maybe pretend it is YOUR private road... and ask them to leave ? :)


The dogs are clearly having a holiday 🙂

Don't fret, it'll be all yours again come next run. 


Ha ha, I did wk2 run1 on Monday too. Just as I was finishing the 5 min warm-up walk in the local park, I had an out-of-control Staffordshire bull terrier "explore" my crown jewels. Never used to happen when I went cycling...


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