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Week 3 Run 1....how so?!?


I’ve just completed W3R1, and was pretty happy with myself for about 10 seconds! I wasn’t sure I could make the jump to 3 minutes on my first run, so I was happy I did.....but then I checked my distance and covered 1.6 miles instead of my normal 2 from last week.

Whilst actual distance doesn’t matter, this means my running is slower Han my walking?!? I thought I was slow, but wow....I must be super slow! What’s the point 🤔🤔🤔

Anybody else had this?

Thank you!

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Lots have had this. Those who can run slower than walk have done really well at this. It doesn’t matter... stop checking distance! Track by all means, but just close the tracker and look at them in about 7 weeks when you’ve done this, then you’ll see your progress.

Good job! And the point is getting to 30 minutes of exercise pushing your heart rate up... the prize is extra years of life. I think it’s worth it. Not sure which is you in the photo... but the other will really think it’s worth it!

Well done you! Just keep going


Don't worry about distance, just do the time.. see the link for essential reading..


Yep, the same thing happened to me. As long as I can run for the right amount of time I'm happy ; I'm telling myself distance can wait until I graduate ! Keep going and enjoy 👍


Lots of people get anxious about this. But don't fret about distance or speed/pace. And it's entirely normal to have an initial running pace that's slower than your fast walking. Walking and running are completely different animals from a biomechanical standpoint. And you've had years of practice at walking. Running, not so much yet.

It'll come. Don't worry xx

Hi, sounds like you’re doing really well. Just keep at it!! My run/walk times in my C25K keep changing which confuse me, but I stick with it and gradually increasing the time I can run. I don’t track the distance.

Thank you everybody, a great help!

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