Woohoo it's sciatica (I've not pulled a ligament /hurt knee)

Sounds mad that I'm happy it's sciatica but it means I can still run, in fact exercise is recommended ha ha , I never even clicked the pain in hip or muscle around ankle back of knee where linked just thought was my unfitness of using them first time in years , so my dodgy knee hasn't t let me down, gonna stick with my knee support and the glucosamine but I can get back to it woohoo !!! Gonna go back to w4 r3 to work myself back to it (was last about to do w5r2 ) but I'm so ecstatic thanks everyone for their support and advice

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  • Pleased for you. I had a bit of a knee problem around wk7 but it's cleared up now.

  • Was scared I'd have to stop, so relieved as running is my new joy

  • Oh that's all right then Dilly. Crack on then but take care. Don't go mad! Slow is just fine. I bet you're very relieved you can still run.

  • Ooh after the scare and my knee I was worried about (is still a dodgy one strength wise) I'm taking it very slow n easy , snails will lap me I'll be that careful lol xxx

  • All good to hear, Dilly. I am sure our dodgy knees will strengthen soon. In fact my hubby complained my legs were now more solid than his this morning :D xxx

  • All the better to kick butt with!

  • Delighted to hear that you can carry on running. Be kind to yourself though - no point taking unnecessary risks. Good luck with getting back into the programme. Best wishes.

  • Hooray for "only" sciatica and exercise being advised! Did you get any particular stretching or physio recommendations?

  • Signposted to nhs website (and he printed them too) to physio exercises for sciatica and knee strengthening (knew about the knee ones) dont think they'll refer to physio until it's a long term problem for me (have a friend with fibromyalgia who still trying to get referred to physio or specialist and can't !!) but nice to have answers and what to do xxx

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