One for the girls - replace your sports bras!

Have you lost weight? Had your sports bras for a while? Check they're really still giving you enough support. Remember: every bounce lengthens breast tissue. Mine are comfortable now which unfortunately means they're too big. I have Triumph Triaction Extreme and they've been great but I have lost weight and I need to go down a band size, so not sure what the right size will be. Off to the shops tomorrow. Check in front of a mirror if you're still bounce-proof!


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31 Replies

  • Boing..boing..will do🙂

  • Any black eyes, hit the shops! I noticed the last couple of runs I was drawing the attention of some male eyes to my bosom, so thought I might have been bouncing about too much. Shame the bras felt comfy and I hadn't really noticed any problem myself. They were like torturous clamps when I got them though. Having measured and done the mirror test, I am off to get a couple of new ones tomorrow

  • I am inspired... new bra it is! :)

  • Shock Absorber Ultra.

    Those babies are going nowhere! 🏃🏻

  • I've heard about them on here. I'll have to see if they have them in the shop tomorrow to check the fit. Need new bras anyway having lost weight but I have been putting it off. Not keen on trying bras and I need to find what size fits now.

  • M&S seem to have a new range in. I was passing the other day but didn't have time to stop and explore.

  • Thanks. Hope I won't have to try on tons before I get a decent fit.

  • After trying on sports bras o don't have any strength left to go running 😂

  • Exactly. I rule out the ones you pull over your head but even so, they're no fun. I'm taking one in every possible size into the changing room with me and hoping I don't get one of those assistants who yanks the curtain entirely aside to see how you're getting on, mostly at the worst possible time.

  • The Shock Absorber Ultra has a racer back with 2 sets of clips. It looks like an instrument of torture, but the trick is to do up the top set before you put it over your head and put your arms through, then you only have the standard hooks to do up.  It's a really strong design, and even with my ample mammaries, there is no bounce ( I checked in the mirror!). 

    Good luck with your bra shopping - marginally less painful than jeans shopping, I guess!

  • Shock absorbers seem very popular but unfortunately I can't manage bras you need to pull over your head. I had frozen shoulder last year which completely restricted movement of that arm and shoulder. It is ok now but I don't have the full range of movement in that shoulxer which I had before. It meabs I need a back or front fastening bra but if you can manage one you pull over your head, shock absorbers sound great.

  • Even though it goes on over your head, it is "open" at the back - you do up the hooks once it's on, just like any other bra. I've got a dodgy right shoulder, so I slide the bra over my arms and head with the top set of hooks already done up, then do the bottom ones when I've got the boobage in place. 😊

  • Indeed. I had a painful run a few months ago when I was clearly wearing a bra with no support. So that went in the bin afterwards. Apparently we should change our bras every six months. Enjoy the shopping!

  • Oops, trying to think how long I've had mine, about a year I think. If I hadn't lost weight, I don't think I would have bothered replacing them but I supposeI should have done. I need regular bras too since the old ones don't fit properly anymore. You don't notice it so much with sports bras because of the fierce fit. They seem to be 1 size smaller than what's on the label.

  • I sometimes wonder about this.... the "Ooh you'll do yourself irreparable damage" muttering about ligaments but not being specific, rather than solely being comfortable whilst running. Is it just about a societal conception that breasts are supposed to look the same throughout your life and that loss of perkiness is not a sign of maturity?

    I have about 7 sports bras so they have lots of opportunity for a good rest between outings. Have had far too many nasty spasms trying to get things over my head or do up any back clips or crossings, so just don't go there. All mine are M&S bought when there are big discounts on (I do occasionally buy other bras but they never seem to last or stay comfortable) As my strategy is to put my running underpinnings on first thing on a running day and go about my non-running business, they really do have to be comfortable rather than chest binding.

    Worth getting measured though, those fearsome changing room women know things the tape measure doesn't.

  • They convinced me I needed a very very tight sports bra. The band was not comfy at all but they were 100% convinced about this. Now they're comfy on the tightest notch but perhaps not holding in enough? I'm taking one with me to see what they have to say about the fit. My regular bras are too big now though definitely so need new ones there too. 

  • I have a bunch that I can't wear!  Really gutted as they are expensive.  I have sometimes used them as a second one depending on what I'm doing.  Also sometimes wear them at weekend just messing about!  Still more comfy than bras!  I have one now that is good (and quite painful).  Too expensive to buy more as hoping to lose another half or full stone, and they are quite expensive.  (I've got Adidas; good for me) Have a great day!  Friday!  Weekend!  Must get off to work so I can get on with the day and to the weekend!

  • That's the thing if you plan on losing more weight, do you want to buy inbetween bras? I bought one smaller one a while back but it is also too loose. I now wear my sports bras as everyday bras and they feel about right but need new sports bras.

  • That is a good idea.  Not sure about the bright purple one! In fact they're all bright colours; not going to be good under light shirts...

    Am watching various sale shops; have also got some good things in TK Maxx if can be bothered to dig....

  • Enell sports bra - I have to lay on my back to get the girls in the right position to hook up the front, and it was bloody expensive, but with boobs the size of mine I need the support. :)

  • Never heard of Enell. Off in a mo to see what can be done to keep the girls under control. Bras are flipping expensive for a bit of cloth and wiring.

  • I hope what we are paying for is clever designers!

  • My 'girls' have virtually upped and left the building since I've lost the weight!   However I was never girly until I put on weight, so there we go.  Shame one can't decide where it goes from, but hey.... 

  • I know! If only we could but it seems zo go from the strangest places first. In fact anywhere except the midriff, worst luck.

  • i love my shock absorber or as I call it 'the industrial scaffolding' that keeps me firmly in place.  Got it from the Next catalogue! I find this bra comfortable in the sense of fit but i do get what you say there was a time when it became a different kind of comfortable and it was time for a new one.  Happy shopping x

  • The shock absorber one I bought recently seems to have quite a lot of tightening room so hopefully it'll last me a while. The straps at the back are hooked about half way down and the rib band still has two hooks to go. It's more comfortable than when I first got it. Maybe time to batten down a bit more!

  • Yep, I think you should try tightening it up a bit. Mind you if we wear them so tight, it encourages them to stretch , doesn't it?

  • Alright back from the fray. It took a long time and I tried on masses of bras with the help of two very nice assistants. Unfortunately when we found something that would be great, it wasn't there in my cup size so despite our best efforts, I only managed 1 day bra. Still at least I know what size sports bra to order. I need a much smaller one so was definitely necessary to change bras. It is a shame the sizing is so inconsistant between brands and even between different bras from the same brand but if I can find the ones I tried in the right cup size online, I'll be sorted. I need a sports bra 1 band width smaller but 2 cups bigger than what I have. No idea how I managed that but it is either a very popular size and sold out or a weird shape altogether. It is different to the size I now need in normal bras as well, so sports bras are obviously a different fit.

    Now I have to see if I can find the energy to get out to my fitness course. Feel much more tired than after a run!

  • Sounds like a good start! Bras are a bit of a minefield, and I'm not convinced that M&S assistants have a better handle on a well fitting bra than I do! I always wear a t-shirt when bra-shopping, so that I can check that there's a nice smooth line, no bulges, no edges anywhere. Underwires should sit flat against ribs and boobage should be completely encased in the cup. No spillage!! 🍉🍉

  • Yes, you're right about all that. I read up a bit about bra fitting online before Iwent because I like to have some idea of what is involved. A couple of the bras they thought were ok definitely weren't. I was spilling out over the top of one and the band was so loose on the other, I could pull it quite far out from my back. I've found the sports bra I liked best online in the right size (and cheaper). I'll order one, see how I get on with it, same as the day bra. If they're ok, I'll order a couple more.

  • I like my shock absorber and couldn't even contemplate running without it ! However it is way too late to worry about stretching and making them saggy! Breastfeeding for a combined total of about 5 years has sorted that out for me already and if I didn't have on a bra they could probably tuck into the waist band of my running tights....

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