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6k to 8k

Well the sun was out the birds were singing and my wooded running circuit was deserted except for the odd rabbit and a buzzard sitting on top off the barn. me thinks its time to throw caution to the wind and let rip ! .four laps to hit my target of 8 k. the idea was to do a slowish run to see how the distance felt. but soon the heart rate monitor was buried deep in the red zone and ignored. The path is much drier than it had been with the floods and mud pools replaced by the odd sticky patch,but with the early morning dew my feet were soon soaked. When I get up to pace I never consider stopping for a rest ,I just slightly increase or decrease speed as I feel the need ,alternately zoning in to how I feel and then looking at the view for a distraction. I run for fun, no gritting of teeth or clock watching.

like all good things it was all too soon over  and the finish in sight , still running smooth and sure ,but with a little fatigue creeping in.

I can`t wait till Friday to do it all over again ! or perhaps steel myself for 10k !

Running for the fun of it !

  The current target is to get 10k done in an hour so I think 51 minutes for the eight is a good step in that direction .if the gods of running don`t approve I`ll just do my usual two laps and go home !

Rod xx

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Great attitude! Sounds like a lovely run.


Perfect, I love your attitude to running, thats exactly why we all do it, enjoy tomorrow :)


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