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Aussie210K W1R3 - The 6K Challenge

Good morning fellow runners, Aussie with a Father's Day run report. Firstly, happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there and I hope you all get spoilt crazy today... I intend to be around for many, many more Father's Days so I crept out of bed early (a bit later than planned) for my cheeky "6K Run - Race Pace" run on my 10K training plan...

Another nice and flat run along the riverside and an "out and back" route this morning. I couldn't bring myself to remove the headphones so I changed my playlist to the Spotify "Running to Rock 170-190bpm" playlist to give my legs some encouragement.

Today's run was to be a deliberate push to see how far I could push over 6K while still remaining upright (and hopefully running). The results are in, and:

1) Firstly, my knee strap is going back on next run - few twinges came back today... darn old knees...

2) Although not a Parkrun PB, I knocked 45 seconds off the 5K time from R2 (down to 31:45 from 32:30)...

3) I completed the 6K in 38.03 at an average pace of 6:21 (9 seconds per km faster than my previous run)...

4) I ran one of those kms in 5:57 so I have it in me to get that 10K in under an hour...

Most of all I learnt that I can pace my runs quite well, that I am have "found a sensible base" to work from and that I can push myself to improve...

I loved this run - it was a tough one, but it was planned to be tough... no world records were broken today, but a few PBs from this old boy were created...

Happy running folks - off for a big protein filled breakfasts with my adorable kids now!!

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A sensible return from the injury couch is, dare I say it, "sensible"... Good luck on your run - take it easy (but you already know that)... so happy you're getting back into it! That couch is clearly not that comfortable... must have been those pins we put down in the cushions to keep people off it... :)


Excellent, Aussie, though I'm sorry to hear your knees were causing grumbles again today. It's frustrating when things won't work as they should without complaint. Hope you get to have a bit of ice on them today as part of a relaxing Daddy's Day!

It sounded a great run though, well done; nice time too. :-) Enjoy your day, and your delicious breakfast!


Having iffy knees I am now able to run with one knee unsupported for 99% of the time. The other knee is still very iffy but I find the occasional run, when i feel it will cope is a good thing and you never know you can unless you try.

Sounds like you had a good run. Enjoy your breakfast and the rest of your day


well done you...enjoy fathers day, and it sounds like a really great run :)


I forgot to mention how HAPPY I was it was overcast and light rain! Oh joy!


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