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Well that’s W6R1 in the bag !

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Up at 6am this morn to do the feared first run of W6.

Lovely morning fresh but not cold. Sporting my new running top from M&S with long sleeves. Can highly recommend it warm but breathable and very light.

I never look at what’s coming on my run l like the element of surprise 😄 but having heard others talk about this run was a little worried but knew l would manage it. Well ...... back to short runs mmmmm stamina building it was indeed.

The first and last 5 min runs were the hardest as l just wanted to keep running but not wanting to upset MJ I did as l was told 😂

Yes one was all about building stamina but l did it, it was fine just another run looking forward to my Wednesday run and what that holds.

Beautiful sunrise this morning and lovely to be running back home but missed the busy prom and my accepting nods of good morning fellow runner 😂😂

Back to sussex briefly at Xmas so will fit in a quick run hopefully.

Do not fear this run there is a reason for it being as it is slow and steady does it🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍

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Well done and great attitude, onwards and upwards

You're brilliant Wantorun 😊...

Yes, trust the program..you will always be ready for that next run..Go you😊x

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Wantorun2013Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Many thanks x

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Many thanks x

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Oh that's good to know - got it coming up next & am more nervous about it than I was about the 20 mins! Good luck with the next one(s)!

Oh my god I just wrote almost the same thing!! I know you did this a while back, I've just done it today. Holy guacamole!! When did a five minute run become Satan's torture chamber? Sorry, I need humor in times such as these....sigh...

Here I was certain it'd be easy peasy... joke on me.

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Wantorun2013Graduate in reply to CariCanRun

But you did it well done 👊👍

This is true, but it was almost funny. I've got a healing MCL tear and nearly fell, I was struggling bad. Very strange. Ran 20 minutes Friday and it was tough but this was weirdly worse. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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