First post-graduate run first 5K!

So that happened :-). 5K in 39 minutes. 

I didn't set out to run a 5K, in fact the beginning of the run was pretty awful - thumping along like an uncoordinated baboon, but after 20 minutes or so I thought 'hey, this is actually pretty easy going' and I just decided to keep running.

I am so chuffed though - I promised myself awhile ago that I would get fitter and run a 5K before I turned 41 (which is, as you all know, when you stop being an 'old young person' and start becoming a 'young old person' :-)).

So yeah, that birthday present to myself was better than any gadget!

Interesting, the only other run which had a similar experience (in terms of ease) was an evening run - this run was in the cold and drizzle/rain. I have never liked the heat - I am becoming convinced I should run in the (cooler) evening than my usual 3.00pm ... 

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  • Congratulation Yatesco, great run, fantastic time, you did what I wanted to do and get sub40. good luck with your future runs 

  • Congratulations  on graduating and running 5k, really Well done 😊

  • congratulations! I'm off to do my grad run after a school meeting this evening, think I will need a jacket and sunglasses here because we've had intermittent sunshine and snow showers mixed in with a Baltic wind and some hail!

  • was also interested to find out that as an almost 42 year old I'm a young old person!

  • Haha, that's what I was thinking...  me too! :-D

  • Good luck with the Graduation Run!!

    PS:  what does that make me, at 54??!!  :(

  • haha I'm not sure, yatesco seems to have a system, maybe he can enlighten us!

  • It makes you all the more wonderful, that's what :-).

    (really struggling to get out of this hole I dug for myself!)

  • Well done.. not bad for a young old person.. goodness what the heck does that make me!!!!! :)

  • congratulations! I always prefer to run in the cool of the evening, or early morning. 

  • After 'young old' you move into the 'experienced' bracket I believe...

  • Blimey.. is that me.. experienced.. in what?  Sure as heck is n't running.. every run is a new adventure for me.. I am trying backwards running tomorrow!

  • So I'm kind of regretting my age-based categorisation - I hope nobody is offended - put it down to an endorphin rush!

  • Great when you keep running and manage a new goal and 5k is a great distance.  I ran 5k for several weeks before I even thought I could possibly go further and regular 5k runs really build fitness.  Great achievement and very well done you!!

  • Nice one, always good to get the first 5k under your belt.

  • Well done on the 5k - good time too.  I'm quite happy to be a young-old person and I hope to get to 5k one day :)

  • Well done on your first 5k! I sense there will be many more🙂. From a young old person (51 - gave I got that right?)😉

  • Well done Yatesey! It's great when it all starts to click! There'll be no stopping you now👍 From a young old person. Or an experienced person. Or a young experienced person. Well getting younger every run anyway!

  • Excellent stuff, well done.  My first proper post graduation run this evening was a toughie, unbelievably hard. Keep up the good work :-).

  • That's brilliant!  Mahoosive congratulations!  (from an old-old person, trying to get back to young-old person by means of regular road pounding).  :)

  • Well done - great present to yourself!

  • brilliant, and I remember 41 well, its a great age- enjoy it 💃

  • Fantastic. I hope you keep posting about your post graduate runs. I find them very motivating. I'm about to do week 9 run 1 tomorrow evening. 

  • I'm so jealous !!! Well done you 

  • Thanks - I am sure you will get there as well - slow and steady wins the day!

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