Week 1, Run 1 - And we're off!

Inspired by the majestic sight of that London marathon yesterday (with it's catchy hum-along theme tune) and returning from the doctor this morning with a print out graph of little sad faces showing my 'heart age' to be of someone 16 years older and my percentage of CVD (cardiovascular disease) at 3 times the norm for my age. It was time to get started.  

No more messing around then. From the Docs it was straight back out, even in the rain and the cold, to do week 1, run 1.

It wasn't so bad.

Goals then: To reduce blood pressure (the reason I was at the docs in the first place), reduce cholesterol (above average), lose weight (goes without saying) and, despite 2016 being a vintage year for deaths, not to die of a massive stroke. Oh and download an mp3 of the london marathon theme too.

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  • Go, go, go!  It is an absolutely wonderful programme, and it really works if you take it steady.  I started in December aged 55 having never done anything but a bit of yoga in my life.  I'm not over weight but am an ex-smoker.  If I can do it...    Just take it very steady - most people falter as they go too fast. 

    Keep me updated!

  • Well done Steve for taking up the challenge , and yes you can turn your life around !

    I am an ex smoker, ex lager lout , ex lard ar*e , and feel great !

    Bad habits are addictive but so are good ones surprisingly :-)

    I wish you all the very best on your journey, we want to hear of the doc giving you great news the next time you go pay him a visit !

    Keep posting, it helps with the motivation and in keeping you focused and its great to look back and see how far you have come ! :-) xxx

  • Welcome, Steve, to one of the friendliest communities of like-minded/bodied people around :-). 

    I have just walked in from my first graduate run and for the first time ever I ran a 5K (https://healthunlocked.com/couchto5k/posts/133471811/first-post-graduate-run-and....my-first-5k). If you told me I would able to do that 3 or 4 months ago then my 21+ stones of man flesh would have laughed!

    Seriously, you have done the hardest thing possible, which is to actually start - a few tips if I may (post is mine, wisdom is others!): healthunlocked.com/couchto5......

    The number one tip, by far, is SLOW DOWN. You might think that this program is all about 'busting a gut/pushing through the pain' and it really isn't. Slow and steady builds stamina - it is far more about the distance you run than the speed you run.

    Keep posting - everybody here will support you - you are embarking on a journey that we have all done and learnt lessons from (SLOW DOWN!) and we want you to succeed, we know you can succeed and hope you WILL succeed.

    That's all for me - better go tidy up the kitchen before my post-run endorphin high ends :-). 

  • Thanks for the encouraging words!  I'll go and read all your posts to see how you did it.

  • Running will help with your blood pressure and overall cardio-vascular health but reducing weight and cholesterol levels has to do mainly with dieting and healthy eating therefore do not forget that side. 😉

    Welcome to the forum and the running family!

  • The question of how much exercise can contribute to weight loss is something which comes up frequently.  It is undoubtedly true that many people increase food intake as a result of taking up exercise, and are then surprised when they don't lose weight.  It's essential to eat sensibly, but I have a fundamental problem with the concept of "dieting".  Something based on denial is hard to sustain, and the whole diet industry seems to result in too many people yo-yoing their weight.  

    Many people do lose body fat through running and some also lose weight.  I realise this is anecdotal but my own experience was that I lost a stone in the first 6-9 months of running without making any changes to my diet, and also dropped a dress size.  My weight hasn't changed since, but I have dropped another dress size.  

    Anyway, well done Steve for getting started, and good luck with the programme. 

  • When I talk about dieting I do not refer to the "dieting industry" (slimming pills,  weight loss programmes, books promising miracles, etc.) but simply to a sensible and sustainable eating habit.

    For example, I grew up in Italy and the so called "Mediterranean diet" for me has always been the "normal" everyday cooking far before it became a "commercialised product" of self-appointed nutrition gurus.

    But I agree with you on the point that strict denial is an almost certain recipe for failure. Surrendere to a (sensible) temptation once in a while is much more beneficial for the mind and mood than it is detrimental for the body.

  • Well done Steve, you have just done the hardest part of C25K , you have got off the couch! with the help of the folk on this forum you will look back on this journey and say , why did I not start sooner.   

  • I did exactly the same after the London marathon and my second one today was even perhaps a bit easier...

    This forum seems awesome for support and inspiration! Well done you! 

  • There is a really nice group for weight loss on here, it's just called 'Weight Loss NHS' and I recommend.  I've needed to shed a few lbs and it's a really supportive community.  I've also put in my e-mail details (in the link below) and get a weekly e-mail which is also helpful.


    Good luck!

  • Hi, I graduated two years ago, but then for various reasons, let it slide.   I'm bigger now than when I first ever started!

    I've just completed by first Week 1, run 1, as decided to start all over again.  I will say that when you graduate its the best feeling in the world, plus you lose weight and I felt fitter than I had in years.

    So, fellow runner, lets encourage each other, seeing as we've started at the same time!!

    Good luck.

  • Thanks. This is my 2nd time here too. I got through to week 5, I think, years ago then gave it all up.  This time I'm determined to graduate... here's hoping.

  • Hi Steve. I love your name!!!!  Ha ha

    You'll be fine. Eat healthy,  keep running

    Just go nice and slowly. That's the way to finish the sessions

    Good luck

    Secan   - Italian cooking!   Mmmmmm.  I grow a lot of Italian varieties of veggies

  • Good for you!! The mental bit is half the battle. You will notice huge benefits in every aspect of your fitness. So welcome aboard!

  • Great aims! Good for you for getting started. It's hard, but it is a life changer. Take it slow and steady, honour your rest days and stretch out after runs. You won't regret this. Let us know how you get on. We'll be cheering you all the way.

  • Wow, thanks everyone for all the encouragement. I'm really fired up now to complete this thing

  • Whens the next run planned for Steve ?

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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