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W4 R3 - disaster! W5 R1 - Brilliant!

Hi everyone,

I completed the first two runs of week 4 without any problems so on Friday I was looking forward to getting the third run out of the way. I only work a half-day on Fridays so I went out at just before 1pm. I felt great, no aches in my legs, the streets would be quiet, I chose my music and route... and then I started the run. From the beginning everything felt wrong. Even the warm up walk felt sluggish. I got through the first three runs but throughout I was thinking 'I'm really struggling here'. I carried on but with a minute to go on run 4 I had to stop. I was gutted. The first time I haven't finished a run. I couldn't pin down what had happened, struggling on the first run of a week is understandable but the third one? It should be the easiest one, right?

I was debating whether to do W4 R3 again this morning rather than move on to W5 but in the end I decided I would give W5 a go and if I struggled I would stop and come home and go back to W4 in a day or two. So this morning at 07:30 I went out,  and I not only finished it, I really enjoyed it too! Got through each 5 minute run easily and at the end I felt I could do more.

With all the progress I've made I felt deflated on Friday and could've easily dodged today's run but I'm so glad I got up and ran. I feel right back on track. I'm still not sure what happened on Friday but I guess sometimes these things just happen and there's no explanation.

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You are right, it just happens, well done on getting back out there and completing the run 😊


Sometimes it works.. sometimes it does not! Well done for getting onto this journey again..keep at it..keep posting, we are all right behind you... pushing gently :)


That's the problem with being human 😄 

Randomness of good vs bad run can hit anywhere, anytime - experience has nothing to do with it. The trick is to accept the bad ones and move on. Every  run has the potential to be a disaster / triumph / at least I did it.

Well done on getting back out there. Running Addiction won't be far behind 😀


Even on "bad run" days, you're still not on your butt on the settee. It all counts towards your overall progress, and no matter how much of a struggle it feels, the next run could always potentially be your best ever. Just keep pushing forward, and when you have a bad day, just say "that was a bad day" and let it go.

Well done on getting this far- for me it sort of got easier when I reached this point, because I'd figured out it was about my head, not my legs. Good luck with the rest of W5 and beyond!! 🏃👏😊


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