Couch to 5K


I did it. I ran for twenty minutes non-stop! That is a real achievement for me and I am very proud of myself.

I took a break from running for about eight weeks because I had bruised my metatarsal heads thinking I could run without proper running shoes. Big mistake! It didn’t hurt too much to run but I was hobbling around for days afterwards. Even when I had run in my new shoes. :(

Before I stopped I had got up to W5R1 but decided to go back to W3R1 and work my way up again. I’m glad I did. For some reason it seemed harder than when I had done weeks 3 and 4 before. I put it down to head demons and kept telling myself that it was OK for muscles to hurt (rather than joints) and that merely being tired was not a good enough reason to stop.

Now into week 6 after a day’s rest!

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Wow, well done, especially starting again after injury.


I love reading when people do that 20 min run. It just brings the memories flooding back. The next week then seems a bit strange.


That's so great. Such a great barrier overcome. Well done.


well done , good to get that one done :D a big confidence booster :D


Thanks everyone!


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