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Not as bad as I thought!

So, this morning I had woke up with a headache and really wanted to roll over and snuggle down.  I could see frost on my car and it looked cold.

Anyway, gave myself a talking to and said that the clear fresh morning air would clear my musty old head and to get out of bed and go for it!  Left the house at 6.20 for my usual 5k route and I thought it was going to be slow and painful.  I even thought of shortening the route.  3k would be ok - just for once??!! Just couldn't lift my feet up.

Gave myself another talking to and kept going passed the short cut turning!

Got home and looked at my stats and found that it wasn't my slowest ever run as I had though but that it was for me a fairly reasonable min/km average (6.42 - my fastest was 6.39 so not far off!)

Anyway just goes to show that what feels like an awful run is not always as bad as it seems, and the headache went and the sun was out and whilst cold I soon warmed up and after a run all is right with the world! :)

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It is true... the saying, I am okay.. I have just had a run! It works wonders, even on the coldest of mornings... Well done you.. up and out there! :)

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