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W2R1 - Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought!

I took an extra rest day over the weekend, so I was a bit reluctant to start week 2. Add to that the fact that I spent the day lazing about the house, and I was not really feeling up for a run. Anyway, I knew that I couldn't hang off for another day so headed out anyway.

And it wasn't so bad! I thought that running for 90 seconds would have me on my knees by the end, but the 2 minute walks gave me enough time to get my breath back. Laura also gave advice and encouragement at the exact time that I was needing it. I don't know how she manages it!

I feel a bit guilty though, because I'm sitting munching my way through a bag of maltesers. I'll just have to try a wee bit harder next time to burn it off! I am looking forward to my next run, so it sounds like I'm beginning to catch the running bug :)

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Well done for getting out there !

As for maltesers......mmmmm :-)


I think Laura can see us, she always encourages me to keep running just when I need it :)


ooh thanks for the post and encouragement - doing my w2r1 on wednesday with Laura, she has a very understanding family being able to come out with us all of the time doesn't she


You're welcome! For some reason I've been concentrating more on the negative comments about each week, rather than being a bit more realistic! It's good to start the week on a high. I'm just hoping that the rest of the week runs as smoothly! I don't think Laura would have any family time haha


Well done you, how brilliant does it feel eh. I progress to wk 3 tomorrow,an yes I have t bug, bu like you and the maltesers, I hae a treat with a cheeky glass of red later on lol. It is a bug and you e quite excited about it. Well done , keep it up and let u kno how you ge on !,


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